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Tim Whitby is a British screenwriter, television producer and director. His works include the 2003 costume drama Servants , the ITV drama series Cold Feet , the BBC drama The Indian Doctor and the comedy series Mine All Mine . Single dramas "The Best of Men" and "In Love with Barbara" He was also a producer on Bramwell "Our Girl" Gap year" and Tripping Over .

Whitby featured as the producer of the final series of Shameless taking over from Ed McCardie. Whitby has directed four episodes of the series.

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A showrunner is the leading producer of a television series. In United States network television they are typically credited as an executive producer. Alternatively they may be credited as a producer. A showrunner has creative and management responsibility for a television series' production through combining the responsibilities of employer and, in comedy or dramas, typically also character creator, head writer, and script editor, or in animation, a story editor. In films, the director has creative control of a production, but in television, the showrunner outranks the episodic directors.

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Whitby is a seaside town, fishing port and tourist destination in North Yorkshire on the north-east coast of England.

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A servant is a person working within an employer's household.

Whitby, Redcar and Middlesbrough Union Railway Disused railway line in Yorkshire, England

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Eric Fellner, is a British film producer. He is the co-chairman of the production company Working Title Films.

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Joanne Froggatt is an English actress. From 2010 to 2015, she portrayed Anna Bates in the ITV period drama series Downton Abbey. For this role, she received three Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress on Television in 2014. From 2017 to 2020, she starred in the ITV drama series Liar.

Rowan Marc Joffé is a British screenwriter and director. He is the son of director Roland Joffé and actress Jane Lapotaire, and half-brother of actress Nathalie Lunghi. Joffé began writing plays in university and was eventually awarded a Cameron Mackintosh bursary.

The third series of the British comedy-drama television series Cold Feet was first broadcast on the ITV network from 12 November to 26 December 2000. The eight episodes were written by Mike Bullen and David Nicholls, produced by Christine Langan and Spencer Campbell, and directed by Simon Delaney, Jon Jones, and Tim Whitby. The storylines, which focus on three couples, continue from the end of the second series; Adam Williams and Rachel Bradley try to conceive their first child, and get married at the end of the series; Pete and Jenny Gifford have separated after he had an affair with a co-worker. They date different people throughout the series but reconcile in the last episode. After Karen Marsden gives birth to baby twins, her husband David has an affair with a local political activist, which damages their marriage.

John Selwyn Gilbert British television producer

John Selwyn Winzer Gilbert is a BAFTA nominated British television scriptwriter, director and producer who joined the BBC in 1969 as a Production Director to help to set up the Open University and who between 1979 and 1983 made a number of documentaries about the excavation and raising of the Mary Rose.

Nicola Shindler British television producer and executive

Nicola Shindler is a British television producer and executive, and founder of the independent television drama production company Quay Street Productions, having founded and run Red Production Company from 1998 - 2020. She has won eleven BAFTA TV Awards.

Glenn Wilhide is an American screenwriter and television producer.

Servants is a British television drama series broadcast by BBC One. It was set in an 1850s English country house and featured Joe Absolom, Orla Brady, Christopher Fulford, Kenny Doughty, Felicity Jones and Richard Herring. The six episode series aired between 17 April and 15 May 2003. Created and written by Lucy Gannon, the series was directed by Tim Whitby and Hettie Macdonald and produced by Whitby and Harriet Davison.

Joy Whitby is an English television producer and executive who has specialised in children's programmes during her career.