Timber (Coldcut and Hexstatic song)

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Timber (Coldcut song).jpg
Single by Coldcut and Hexstatic
from the album Let Us Play!
ReleasedJanuary 1998
Genre Electronic
Label Ninja Tune
Songwriter(s) Jonathan More, Matt Black, Stuart Warren-Hill
Producer(s) Coldcut, Stuart Warren-Hill

"Timber" is a song by UK dance act Coldcut with Hexstatic.

"Timber" contains audio samples of logging activities from a Greenpeace film about rainforest destruction, [1] as shown in the original video for the song, and was conceived by the band as a protest against the excesses of the logging industry. [2]

The 2001 Guinness Book of Records listed the song under Most Music Videos For One Song, since there are five different videos for the song: the original mix, the EBN remix, the LPC remix, the Clifford Gilberto remix and the Gnomadic remix. [3] The Timber EP contains 7 versions of the song.

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