Time Flies (band)

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Time Flies
Background information
Origin Virginia, United States
Genres Melodic hardcore
Hardcore punk
Straight edge
Years active1996–2002
Labels Indecision Records
Teamwork Records
Malfunction Records
Website http://www.myspace.com/timefliesxxx
MembersKurtis Powers – vocals
Curtis Williams – guitar
Craig Henry – guitar
Charlie Flexon – bass
Colin Kimble – drums
Past membersKen Penn
Brian Benoit
Billy Lee
Jon DiGiorgio

Time Flies was an American straight edge hardcore punk band from Virginia in the late 1990s and the height of the youth crew revival (note that there was also a Finnish pop punk group called Time Flies in 1990 - 1997). They shared members with the band Count Me Out, also from Virginia. Originally on Teamwork Records, and Malfunction Records, they signed to Indecision Records in 1999 to release their first and only full-length, On Our Way which was recorded and produced by Brian McTernan at Salad Days. The band played a lot on the East Coast, and also did 2 West Coast tours as well. They toured with bands like Death By Stereo, Ten Yard Fight, Count Me Out, Faded Grey, Good Clean Fun, In My Eyes, Fastbreak, and many others. In 2000, they re-released Can't Change the Past, which now included both the Teamwork Records release of Can't Change the Past EP, and the Malfunction Records release on one CD as well as including some comp songs they had previously recorded. They were best known for songs like Play the Fool, Highfives & Stagedives , and Hollow Inside. The band broke up in 2002 ending on a positive note playing the 2002 Posi-Numbers Festival in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and final show in their home area of Richmond, VA. In 2004, PETA2 released a DVD called Highfives & Stagedives documenting underground bands that had chosen animal-friendly and/or cruelty-free lifestyles.



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<i>Fall from Grace</i> (EP) 1997 EP by Ensign

Ensign's second 7" EP for Orange County, California record label, Indecision Records, followed their self-titled 7" debut from May, 1996. It was released in June, 1997 on 7" vinyl only. The production run was limited to 4239 on black vinyl, 600 green, 225 white, 106 orange and a further 100 on black vinyl with a different cover to coincide with a European tour. This was inline with Indecision Records tradition of putting out releases by new bands on colored and normal vinyl and was carried through to their next release, Direction of Things to Come. It was later re-released on CD as part of a retrospective compilation, Three Years Two Months Eleven Days, in April 2000 after the band had left to join Nitro Records in 1998.

<i>Permanent</i> (Count Me Out album) 2002 studio album by Count Me Out

Permanent is the second full-length studio album from hardcore punk band, Count Me Out. It was released in April, 2002 on Indecision Records. After a tour of Europe in early 2003, the band split, making this their final album. As well as being released in CD format, it was also released in limited edition colored vinyl quantities of 165 red, 349 clear, and 600 black.

<i>110</i> (album) 2000 studio album by Count Me Out

110 is the debut album from hardcore punk band, Count Me Out. It was released in August, 2000 on Indecision Records, following an EP released in 1999. As well as on CD format, it was also released in limited vinyl quantities of 110 clear yellow, 331 solid yellow, and 990 black – with a further 110 released to promote the 2002 tour. The album's title is a reference to the number of original copies released, but the cover indicates the album would have otherwise been eponymous.

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Few and Far Between is a six track EP from hardcore punk band, Count Me Out. It was released in June, 1999 on Ambassador Records and subsequently resulted in a deal with Indecision Records.

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Jesuit was an American hardcore punk band from Virginia Beach, Virginia, formed in 1995. The band disbanded in 1999 and had a one-off reunion in 2011.

<i>T.S.O.L.</i> (EP) 1981 EP by T.S.O.L.

T.S.O.L. is the eponymously titled debut EP by the American hardcore punk band T.S.O.L., released in 1981 through Posh Boy Records. Its fast tempos and politically radical lyrics established the band as a major force in the southern California hardcore scene of the time. T.S.O.L. quickly moved away from leftist political subject matter, however, shifting in a gothic rock direction and changing labels to Frontier Records for their full-length album Dance with Me (1981). This led to a dispute with Posh Boy owner Robbie Fields, who claimed the band owed his label another EP. The two parties eventually reached a settlement in which Posh Boy gained the rights to T.S.O.L.'s 1982 EP Weathered Statues, combining it with the debut EP in the 1987 compilation album Thoughts of Yesterday: 1981–1982. Nitro Records purchased the master recordings from Posh Boy in 1997 and re-released the two EPs as the compilation T.S.O.L. / Weathered Statues.