Time Limit (horse)

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Time Limit (1995-1998) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse sired by Gilded Time who broke down in the 1998 Jim Beam Stakes along with another colt by the name of Sorceror, who was out of Summer Squall. Event of the Year won the race. Time Limit and Sorceror were both Kentucky Derby prospects.

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Specific absorption rate (SAR) is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed per unit mass by a human body when exposed to a radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field. It can also refer to absorption of other forms of energy by tissue, including ultrasound. It is defined as the power absorbed per mass of tissue and has units of watts per kilogram (W/kg).

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<i>Without Limits</i> 1998 film by Robert Towne

Without Limits is a 1998 American biographical sports film. It is written and directed by Robert Towne and follows the relationship between record-breaking distance runner Steve Prefontaine and his coach Bill Bowerman, who later co-founded Nike, Inc. Billy Crudup plays Prefontaine and Donald Sutherland plays Bowerman. It also stars Monica Potter, Jeremy Sisto, Judith Ivey, Matthew Lillard and William Mapother.

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The United States U-23 women's national soccer team is a youth soccer team operated under the auspices of U.S. Soccer. Its primary role is the development of players in preparation for the full Women's National Team. The team competes in a variety of competitions, including the annual Nordic Cup, which is the top competition for this age group.

<i>Shadow Sorcerer</i> 1991 video game

Shadow Sorcerer is a role-playing video game published in 1991 by Strategic Simulations. The game is the sequel to Heroes of the Lance and Dragons of Flame. It is based on the third and fourth Dragonlance campaign modules, Dragons of Hope and Dragons of Desolation.

1998 Georgia gubernatorial election Election of the governor of the US state

The 1998 Georgia gubernatorial election was held on November 3, 1998. Incumbent Democratic Governor Zell Miller was unable to seek re-election due to term limits, therefore creating an open seat. To replace him, State Representative Roy Barnes won the Democratic Party's nomination after a close and highly contested primary election, while businessman Guy Millner, who had run for Governor and the United States Senate in the previous four years, won the nomination of the Republican Party.

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The 1998 Virginia State Elections took place on Election Day, November 3, 1998, the same day as the U.S. House elections in the state. The only statewide elections on the ballot were five constitutional referendums to amend the Virginia State Constitution. Because Virginia state elections are held on off-years, no statewide officers or state legislative elections were held. All referendums were referred to the voters by the Virginia General Assembly.

Richard Jones, better known by his stage names Fiend or International Jones, is an American rapper and producer best known for his time spent with Master P's No Limit Records. Fiend was also briefly signed to the label, Ruff Ryders Entertainment, and is currently signed to Jet Life under Warner Bros.

<i>The Statue of the Sorcerer & The Vanishing Conjurer</i> Tabletop fantasy role-playing game supplement

The Statue of the Sorcerer & The Vanishing Conjurer is a pack of two adventures published under license by Games Workshop in 1986 for Chaosium's horror role-playing game Call of Cthulhu.