Time War (board game)

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Time War, subtitled "A Game of Time Travel and Conflict", is a science fiction board wargame published by Yaquinto Publications in 1979.



Time War is a conflict simulation game which takes place from 550 million B.C. to 2075 A.D. [1] Players attempt to control the present by altering history.



Don Turnbull reviewed Time War for White Dwarf #17, giving it an overall rating of 8 out of 10, and stated that "what I have seen so far indicates to me a workmanlike job, not entirely free of annoying errors and easier to learn than it looks, with plenty of play-potential and enough interest to fascinate players who like to handle a considerable number of variables at once." [2]

Steve List reviewed Time War in Ares Magazine #1, rating it a 7 out of 9. [1] List commented that "Time War is an excellent effort into a heretofore unexplored field, and thus many of its flaws should be excused." [1]

Forrest Johnson reviewed Time War in The Space Gamer No. 38. [3] Johnson commented that "Time War could have been a great game. Maybe it was ... or will be." [3]

In Issue of 26 of Phoenix , Paul King found the game components to be of high quality, and concluded "All in all Time War is a fun game and the playing time of one or two hours is not too far out once you are used to the mechanics." [4]

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