Time of Roses

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Time of Roses
Time of Roses.jpg
Original Finnish film poster
Directed by Risto Jarva
Written byRisto Jarva
Jaakko Pakkasvirta
Produced byRisto Jarva
StarringArto Tuominen
Ritva Vepsä
Tarja Markus
Cinematography Antti Peippo
Edited byRisto Jarva
Jukka Mannerkorpi
Lasse Naukkarinen
Music by Henrik Otto Donner
Kaj Chydenius
Eero Ojanen
Release dates
  • 7 February 1969 (1969-02-07)(Finland)
  • 19 October 1970 (1970-10-19)(United States)
Running time
107 minutes
Budget FIM 320,000

Time of Roses (Finnish : Ruusujen aika) is a 1969 Finnish science fiction film directed by Risto Jarva, about a documentary filmmaker in 2012 trying to find the true essence of a glamor model, dead for forty years, for a TV film biography. [1] The script was written by Peter von Bagh, Jarva, and Jaakko Pakkasvirta. The model was played by Ritva Vepsä and the documentarian by Arto Tuominen. The film premiered on 2 July 1969 in Finland, while the US premiere of the film was in New York City on October 19, 1970. [2] [3]


An American indie film distributor and classic film restoration company Deaf Crocodile Films has acquired the North American distribution rights to the film in June 2022. [4] Deaf Crocodile Films announced that they will release a new 4K restoration of the film. [5]


The story is set in the year 2012. According to the official review of the Institute of History, after the restless times of the 1960s and 1970s, society has become human-centered, democratic and liberal. With the meritocratic social structure in effect, class boundaries have disappeared, and the keyword is "progress". Raimo Lappalainen (Arto Tuominen), who makes documentaries for television, is preparing for a TV program that deals with Finland in the 60s by telling the story of the short-lived nude model Saara Turunen (Ritva Vepsä). Through the life stages of Saara, who died in an accident in the 1970s, Raimo gets to know the time before her birth, and notices that the ideas from fifty years ago still exist; although technology has seemingly improved human life, the spiritual class conflict of the 1960s still simmers beneath the surface, which, among other things, culminates in the death of a strike general at a nuclear power plant.


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