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Time shift or Timeshift may refer to:

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Sky Replay is a British pay television channel operated by Sky as a sister channel to Sky One and Sky Witness. The current channel began broadcasting in December 2002. The 'Sky 2' name and format had earlier been used for a similar service which broadcast on analogue platforms for a year from 1996. On 27 August 2020 the service rebranded as Sky Replay. The channel broadcasts repeat showings of programmes previously aired on Sky One and Sky Witness.

Film4 British free-to-air television channel

Film4 is a British free-to-air television channel owned by the Channel Four Television Corporation, that broadcasts films. It was launched on 1 November 1998. While its standard-definition channel is available as a FTA network, its high-definition variant is offered as a pay television service.

Eden (TV channel) British digital television channel

Eden is a British pay television channel broadcasting factual content in the United Kingdom and Ireland as part of the UKTV network of channels. The channel originally launched on 8 March 2004 and relaunched in its current format on 27 January 2009.

Comedy Central (British TV channel) British pay television channel

Comedy Central is a British pay television channel that carries comedy programming, both original and syndicated. This channel is specific to audiences within the United Kingdom and Ireland. The channel is aligned with the original US version of the channel. The channel started as The Paramount Channel in 1995, before rebranding as the Paramount Comedy Channel in 1997 and again as Paramount Comedy 1 in 2006 before finally becoming Comedy Central on 6 April 2009.

CSC Media Group, formerly known as Chart Show Channels (CSC), was a British-Irish cable television broadcasting company. It is now a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television. The company dissolved on 27 November 2019.

SoHo (Australian TV channel)

SoHo was an Australian pay television channel. Originally launched as FX in 1995 and oriented towards classic programming, it was rebranded as W. and shifted its focus to women's programming on 1 November 2003. Later, on 20 August 2012, it was again rebranded as SoHo and shifted its focus to drama television series.

Trouble (TV channel)

Trouble was a subscription television channel operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland that was owned and operated by Virgin Media Television.

Nickelodeon is a British pay television network focused on kids programming, it is operated under a joint venture between ViacomCBS Networks UK & Australia and Sky Group.

Real Lives (TV channel) Defunct British pay television channel

Real Lives was a British television channel owned by Sky, a division of Comcast. It used to be the sister channel of Sky Living. It was originally known as LIVINGtv2 from the channel's launch in 2004 till 2007, and then was known as Living2 from 2007 to 2009.

A timeshift channel is a television channel carrying a time-delayed rebroadcast of its "parent" channel's programming. This channel runs alongside their parent: the term "timeshift" does not refer to a network broadcasting at a later time to reflect a local time zone, unless the parent is also available. Often the timeshift channel's branding and advertising will be the same as that of the parent, with the channel number and respective timing being the only distinction between the two, but some, such as Channel 4 +1 in the United Kingdom and TVNZ 1+1 in New Zealand, will overlay a different digital on-screen graphic to distinguish the two channels. A few channels, like Film4 +1 in the United Kingdom, do not carry a digital on-screen graphic on its regular channel or its timeshift channel.

Discovery Channel is a British pay television channel, operated by Discovery, Inc.. Its programming is based on programming produced by Discovery Networks Europe, Discovery Channel Canada and Discovery Channel from the United States.

Disney Channel (Italian TV channel) Italian pay-television channel

Disney Channel was an Italian pay television channel that was owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company Italia, itself a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company EMEA. It was launched on 3 October 1998, and its programming consists on original Disney Channel series and third party programming acquired by the network.

Disney XD (Latin American TV channel) Latin American pay television channel

Disney XD is a Latin American pay television channel owned by The Walt Disney Company in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is broadcast throughout the region into five feeds, and features animated programs and sitcoms, primarily marketed to kids and teenagers from 6 to 15. It is directly operated by Disney Media Networks and The Walt Disney Company Latin America, which are owned by The Walt Disney Company.


Film1 is a Dutch premium television and video on demand service that replaced Canal+ and is owned by SPI International.

In broadcasting, time shifting is the recording of programming to a storage medium to be viewed or listened to after the live broadcasting. Typically, this refers to TV programming but can also refer to radio shows via podcasts.

Nick Jr. is an Italian television channel, aimed at a pre-school children audience. It launched on 31 July 2009 on Sky Italia on channel 602 to replace RaiSat YOYO, which then became free and is now named Rai Yoyo.

Movie Network Channels Australian television movie service

Movie Network Channels was an Australian premium television movie service that consisted of five original channels, two SD timeshifts and three HD simulcasts. Its main competitor was Showtime. Movie Network channels were originally only available through Optus TV, who produced and part-owned the channels prior to 1 January 2000.

Switchover Media (SOM) was an Italian broadcaster of television channels. The company first operated as a subsidiary of Netherlands-based broadcaster Jetix Europe to being purchased out by its management and rebranding to Switchover Media in June 2009, to its purchase and folding by Discovery Communications in January 2013.

Film1 Drama

Film1 Drama is a Dutch premium television channel owned by SPI International. Every night the programming is dedicated to a theme, such as a director or a genre. Film1 launched together with its sister service Sport1 on 1 February 2006 and replaced the Canal+ Netherlands television channels. Film1 offers multiple channels with Dutch and international film and television series productions. Initially Film1 Drama started as Film1 Series on 17 January 2012 when it replaced the 1 hour timeshift channel Film1 Premiere +1, focusing on television series. It changed into Film1 Spotlight on 6 September 2013. On 1 September 2016 Film1 Spotlight got renamed by Film1 Drama.

Play More is a Belgian premium television service owned by Telenet, the Belgian content division of Liberty Global. Prime launched together with its sister service Prime Sport on September 3, 2005 and replaced the Canal+ Flanders television channels. The service offers multiple film channels with Belgian and international productions many of which are television premières.