Time to Burn (Taking Dawn album)

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Time To Burn
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Studio album by
Released26 January 2010
Genre Heavy metal
Hard rock
Speed metal
Label Roadrunner
Producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette
Taking Dawn chronology
Taking Dawn Digital EP
Time To Burn
Singles from Time to Burn
  1. "Time to Burn"
    Released: 2009
  2. "The Chain"
    Released: 2010
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Review scores
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Time to Burn is the debut studio album by the American hard rock/heavy metal band Taking Dawn.


Track listing

1."Time to Burn"2:54
2."Like a Revolution"3:15
3."Take Me Away"4:02
4."So Loud"3:45
5."Save Me"3:25
6."Close Your Eyes"4:18
8."Fight 'Em With Your Rock"3:20
9."Never Enough"3:54
11."The Chain (Fleetwood Mac cover)"4:21
Special Edition
13."Can't Leave You Alone"3:30
14."Black Diamond (KISS cover)"4:00


Band members

Session musicians

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