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Timo Sakari Puustinen (born 25 October 1979) is a Finnish [1] film director, screenwriter, and film producer. [2]

He directed, wrote and produced the 2005 horror film Aika tappaa. Now he is directing Sanansaattaja movie.

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Hobitit is a nine-part Finnish live action fantasy television miniseries originally broadcast in 1993 on Yle TV1. Directed by Timo Torikka and produced by Olof Qvickström, it is based on The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, but limits itself to the journey of the hobbits Frodo and Sam, carrying the One Ring to Mount Doom. Their adventures are narrated by Sam many years later to an audience of young hobbits. Except for a flashback to Bilbo's encounter with Gollum, no material from Tolkien's novel The Hobbit is used.

A Long Hot Summer is a 1999 Finnish rock comedy film written and directed by Perttu Leppä. It was the most popular youth film of the 1990s in Finland. The film, set in 1980, tells the story of a fictional rock band called Kalle Päätalo. Due to the film's popularity, the band started to tour around the country.

Puustinen is a Finnish surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Sanna Puustinen is a Finnish curler. Puustinen grew up in Hyvinkää but lives in Helsinki.

2019 Finnish parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Finland on 14 April 2019. For the first time, no party received more than 20% of the vote. The Centre Party, which had been the largest party following the 2015 elections lost 18 seats as it recorded its lowest vote share since 1917 and dropped to fourth place, with the Social Democratic Party seeing the biggest gains, winning an additional six seats and narrowly becoming the largest party. The Green League and the Left Alliance also gained five and four seats respectively.

2018 Finnish presidential election presidential election in Finland

Presidential elections were held in Finland on 28 January 2018. The incumbent Sauli Niinistö received 62.7% of the vote and was elected for a second term, avoiding a second round. The term will be from 1 February 2018 to 1 March 2024. Although the President is elected by direct election, Niinistö gained a plurality in all municipalities and a majority in all but 13 municipalities.

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Timo Olavi Harakka is a Finnish politician, journalist and author. Since April 2015, he has represented the electoral district of Uusimaa in the Parliament of Finland as a Social Democrat.

Timo Stavitski is a Finnish professional footballer who plays as a forward for Stade Malherbe Caen.

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Jukka Puotila is a Finnish actor and impersonator. He appeared in more than sixty films since 1981. In television, he is best known as Pertti Mäkimaa in Yle TV1's drama series Kotikatu (1995–2012).

<i>A Moment in the Reeds</i>

A Moment in the Reeds is a 2017 Finnish romantic drama film written and directed by Mikko Mäkelä in his feature directorial debut. It stars Janne Puustinen and Boodi Kabbani. The film had its world premiere at the 2017 BFI London Film Festival as part of the Love strand. Unusually for a Finnish film, most of the dialog is in English as it is the only language shared by the two leading characters.


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