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Timote is a settlement in Carlos Tejedor partido , Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.



It is 18 km east from Carlos Tejedor, its accesses are over 68 and 70 Provincial Roads.


According to 2010 INDEC National Census, there are 526 persons, what represents an increase of 3,3% over 509 in 2001 census.


In 1876, in Foromalán lagoon shore, Conrado E. Villegas founded Capitán Timote Fort in honour to Lieutenant Colonel Pedro Timote, born in Buenos Aires in 1836 and killed in Santa Rosa battle (1874).

Pedro Eugenio Aramburu murder

In Timote, in La Celma estate, on June 1, 1970, the body of the de facto ex-president and dictator Pedro Eugenio Aramburu (1955-1958) was found, after being kidnapped and killed by the Argentine leftist urban guerrilla Montoneros.

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Pedro Eugenio Aramburu Silveti was an Argentine Army general who was the dictator of Argentina from November 13, 1955 to May 1, 1958. He was a major figure behind the Revolución Libertadora, the military coup against Juan Perón in 1955. He was kidnapped by the left-wing organization Montoneros on May 29, 1970 and assassinated as part of retaliation. He had been involved in the June 1956 execution of Army General Juan José Valle—associated with the Peronist movement— and 26 Peronist militants, after a botched attempt to overthrow his regime.

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Timote is a locality in Carlos Tejedor County, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Emilio Monzó</span> Argentinian lawyer and politician

Emilio Monzó is an Argentine lawyer and politician who served as President of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies from 2015 to 2019. In 2015, he founded the Dialogue Party, which is affiliated with Republican Proposal (PRO) and forms part of the Juntos por el Cambio coalition.


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