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Timothy R. Billiar is an American surgeon currently the George Vance Foster Endowed Professor and Distinguished Professor of Surgery at University of Pittsburgh. His current research includes immune, cell and organ biology. [1] [2]

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University of Pittsburgh American public university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) is a public state-related research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The university is composed of 17 undergraduate and graduate schools and colleges at its urban Pittsburgh campus, home to the university's central administration and 28,391 undergraduate and graduate students. The 132-acre Pittsburgh campus includes various historic buildings that are part of the Schenley Farms Historic District, most notably its 42-story Gothic revival centerpiece, the Cathedral of Learning. Pitt is a member of the Association of American Universities, a selective group of major research universities in North America, and is classified as an R1 University, meaning that it engages in a very high level of research activity. Pitt was the third-largest recipient of federally sponsored health research funding among U.S. universities in 2018 and it is a major recipient of research funding from the National Institutes of Health. According to the National Science Foundation, Pitt spent $1.0 billion on research and development in 2018, ranking it 14th in the nation. It is the second-largest non-government employer in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. The university also operates four undergraduate branch campuses in Western Pennsylvania, located in Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown, and Titusville.

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JURIST is a non-profit online legal news service run by law student volunteers from 29 law schools in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Kenya, Mauritius, India, Australia and New Zealand. It features continuously updated US and international legal news based on primary source documents and contextualized by informed commentary provided by law professors, policymakers, lawyers and law students. An internet-based example of service learning, JURIST gives its law student staffers ongoing opportunities to broaden their awareness of current legal events and develops their research and writing skills in a 21st-century technological environment while they serve the public as apprentice journalists. JURIST is owned and operated by JURIST Legal News and Research Services, Inc., a 501(c)(3) educational organization based at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law led by Executive Director Megan McKee in conjunction with a Board of Directors chaired by Professor Bernard Hibbitts, who is also JURIST’s Publisher & Editor-in-Chief.

Swanson School of Engineering

The Swanson School of Engineering is the engineering school of the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1846, the Swanson School of Engineering is the second or third oldest in the United States.

Joel Brian Slemrod is an American economist and academic, currently serving as a professor of economics at the University of Michigan and the Paul W. McCracken Collegiate Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

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Timothy H. Breen is currently the William Smith Mason Professor of American History Emeritus at Northwestern University and a James Marsh Professor at Large at the University of Vermont. He is the founding director of the Kaplan Humanities Center and the Nicholas D. Chabraja Center for Historical Studies at Northwestern. Breen is a specialist on the American Revolution. He studies the history of early America with a special interest in political thought, material culture, and cultural anthropology. Breen has published multiple books and over 60 articles. In 2010 he released his latest book, American Insurgents, American Patriots: The Revolution of the People. Breen won the Colonial War Society Prize for the best book on the American Revolution for Marketplace of Revolution: How Consumer Politics Shaped American Independence (2004), the T. Saloutus Prize for agricultural history for his book Tobacco Culture: The Mentality of the Great Tidewater Planters of the Eve of Revolution, and the Historical Preservation Book Prize for his work Imagining the Past: East Hampton Histories, and several prizes for "George Washington's Journey: The President Forges a New Nation." Breen also holds awards for distinguished teaching from Northwestern.

Center for Philosophy of Science

The Center for Philosophy of Science is an academic center located at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, dedicated to research in the philosophy of science. The center was founded by Adolf Grünbaum in 1960. The current director of the center is Edouard Machery.

Rory A. Cooper American bioengineer

Rory A. Cooper is an American bioengineer who currently serves as FISA/PVA Distinguished Professor, Past Chair, in the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology and professor of bioengineering, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and orthopedic surgery at the University of Pittsburgh. He is also assistant vice chancellor for research for STEM and Health Sciences Collaboration. He holds an adjunct faculty position at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, and is an invited professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University in Xi'an, China.

George Reid Andrews is an American historian of Afro-Latin America, and currently a Distinguished Professor at the University of Pittsburgh.

Kenneth D. Jordan is an American chemist. He is currently the Richard King Mellon Professor and Distinguished Professor of Computational Chemistry at University of Pittsburgh and an Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry and American Physical Society.

Peyman Givi is a Persian-American rocket scientist and engineer.

Peter L. Strick is an American neurobiologist currently the Distinguished Professor, Thomas Detre Endowed Chair in Neuroscience & Chair of Neurobiology at University of Pittsburgh, formerly holding the Endowed Chair in Systems Neuroscience there, and also formerly George W. Perkins III Memorial Professor at State University of New York. He is an Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, National Academy of Sciences (2012).

Charles F. Reynolds III is an American geriatric psychiatrist currently UPMC Endowed Professor in Geriatric Psychiatry at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Professor of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences at the Graduate School of Public Health.

Vivian Curran is an American lawyer currently Distinguished Professor at University of Pittsburgh and is President of American Society of Comparative Law.

Charles D. Bluestone is an American physician, focusing in otitis, currently Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Otolarngology at University of Pittsburgh.

George K. Michalopoulos is a Greek-American pathologist, currently the Maud L. Menten Professor of Pathology and a Distinguished Professor at the University of Pittsburgh.

Savio L-Y Woo is an American bioengineer currently the Distinguished University Professor of Bioengineering at University of Pittsburgh. He was born in Shanghai, China, in 1942 and immigrated to the United States prior to entering university.

Victoria Pitts-Taylor is Professor of Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Wesleyan University, Connecticut, and also Professor of Science in Society and Sociology there. She was formerly a professor of sociology at Queens College and the CUNY Graduate Center, New York, and visiting fellow at the Centre for the Study of Social Difference, Columbia University, New York. Pitts-Taylor is also former co-editor of the journal Women's Studies Quarterly. She has won the Robert K. Merton Book Award from the section on Science, Knowledge and Technology of the American Sociological Association, and the Feminist Philosophy of Science Prize from the Women's Caucus of the Philosophy of Science Association.

Pittsburgh Quantum Institute

The Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI) is a multidisciplinary research institute that focuses on quantum sciences and engineering in the Pittsburgh region. It is a research-intensive cluster.

Jane Eliza Procter Fellowship

Jane Eliza Procter Fellowships are scholarships supporting academic research at Princeton University. The Fellowships were endowed by William Cooper Procter in 1921–22, and named after his wife, Jane Eliza Johnston Procter (1864–1953). The original terms of the Fellowships were for three awards, "each with an annual stipend of two thousand dollars, upon which each year two British and one French scholar will have the privilege of residence in the Princeton Graduate College, and of pursuing advanced study and investigation". The Fellowships were to be appointed annually on the recommendation of the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and the École Normale Supérieure.


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