Timothy Redwine

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Timothy Redwine
Donato Alleva

Other namesTim Redwine
Occupation Actor
Years active1993-2001

Timothy Paul Redwine is an American television actor. [1]


His first TV appearance was in 1995 as "Justin" in Two Bits and Pepper .[ citation needed ] He had the starring roles in the film P.U.N.K.S. (1999) [2] and co-starring roles in films like The Last Don, Mario Puzo mini series1997, Love Letters 1999, A step towards tomorrow 1996 Family Secrets (2001) and The Thirteenth Year (1999). Most recently he has appeared in CSI , Step by Step , and Prey . He has had over a dozen TV roles, ranging from minor guest appearances to a starring role.

Not appearing in any major projects since 2001, Redwine left the Hollywood atmosphere and now quietly resides in Northern California. He is now a devout Christian.

He was born Donato Alleva. Prior to entering in the entertainment industry, his mother had his name changed to Timothy Paul Redwine. For most of his career, he used Tim Redwine as his stage name.



1995 Two-bits & Pepper Justin
1996A Step Toward TomorrowBen Lerner
1997 Mystery Monsters Tommy
1999 P.U.N.K.S Drew Utley
2001 Family Secrets Brian Marley


1995 Step by Step JeremyEpisode: "Don't Ask"
1995-1996 Renegade Brad Anderson / Josh2 Episodes
1997 The Last Don Young CrossTV mini series
1997On the LineJack MartinTelevision film
1998 Prey TaddEpisode: "Progeny"
1999Love LettersTeenaged AndrewTelevision film
1999The Thirteenth YearSean MarshallTelevision film
2001 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Tyler SterlingEpisode: "Boom"
2001 Cover Me: Based on the True Life of an FBI Family Kent KesslerEpisode: "Sub-Zero"

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