Tin Latt

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Tin Latt is a Burmese name and may mean:

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Thein Sein President of Myanmar, former Prime Minister

Thein Sein is a Burmese politician and retired general in the Myanmar Army who served as the 8th President of Myanmar from 2011 to 2016. He previously served as Prime Minister from 2007 to 2011, and is considered by many in and outside Myanmar as a moderate and reformist in the post-junta government.

Dagon Khin Khin Lay Burmese writer and cinematographer

Dagon Khin Khin Lay was a Burmese novelist, screenwriter, and cinematographer. Founder of Dagon Publishing Company, Khin Khin Lay, along with Journal Kyaw Ma Ma Lay and Ludu Daw Amar, she was one of the few female publishers in Burma.

A1 Tin Maung was a two-time Burmese Academy Award-winning film actor, director and producer.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Myanmar) Burma Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a ministry in the government of Myanmar responsible for the country's foreign policy and relations with other nations. It also operates embassies and consulates in 44 countries. It is headed by Aung San Suu Kyi, first female Foreign Minister of Myanmar, who replaced Wunna Maung Lwin on 30 March 2016.

<i>Thingyan Moe</i> 1985 film

Thingyan Moe is a 1985 Burmese film directed by Maung Tin Oo and starring Nay Aung, Zin Wine, Khin Than Nu and May Than Nu in pivotal roles. The movie follows the life of a musician from 1959 to 1982, with many of the scenes set against traditional Thingyan celebrations. This movie contains scenes from Mandalay's beautiful nature and shows two different ages of the Thangyan festival. Mandalay citizens helped produce this movie and they did not accept any cost. They only wanted to show their city's culture and historical places.

Narawara was king of Toungoo dynasty of Burma (Myanmar), who ruled for about 11 months between 1672 and 1673. Narawara ascended to the Burmese throne after his father Pye died in 1672. But Narawara died young and was succeeded by his brother Minyekyawdin.

Pe Khin was a Burmese diplomat. He was one of the main negotiators at the Panglong Conference in Burma and the architect of the historical Panglong Agreement.

Cabinet of Myanmar

The Cabinet of Myanmar is the executive body of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar led by the President of Myanmar. The cabinet is called Union Government.

Ministry of Information (Myanmar) government agency of Myanmar

The Ministry of Information in Myanmar informs the public about government policy plans and implementation and supports improvements to knowledge and education of the public.

Htun Kyi, pen name Minn Latt Yekhaun was a Burmese linguist who studied and published in Czechoslovakia. He returned to Burma to fight as a member of the Burmese Communist Party but was later shot by his own comrades.

Tabaung is the twelfth and final month of the traditional Burmese calendar.

<i>Myanmar Idol</i> television series

Myanmar Idol is a popular Myanmar singing contest television series that is broadcast on Myanmar National TV (MNTV). Its first season, in 2016, was described by The Myanmar Times as a "wild success". Due to its popularity, it has been extended for a fifth season in 2020. Since Season 3, the competition format has utilized a wild card during the top 4+1 show.

Aung Ko Latt is CEO of Aung Ko Latt Motion Pictures in Yangon, Myanmar. He is a prolific director, cinematographer, storyboard artist and musician. His son J-Me is a prominent rapper in Myanmar.

Phone is a Burmese name that may refer to:

Win Ko Ko Latt Burmese activist, legal advisor, politician, and writer

Win Ko Ko Latt is a Burmese nationalist activist, legal advisor, politician, writer and the leader of the nationalists and anti-Rohingya movement in Myanmar. He is the former chairman of the Myanmar National Network.

Tin Latt is a retired Burmese physician and diplomat.

Bella Myat Thiri Lwin Burmese actress, model

Bella Myat Thiri Lwin, also known as Bella, is a Burmese actress, model and beauty pageant title holder. She was crowned the Miss World Myanmar 2016 and represented Myanmar at the Miss World 2016.

Tin Latt (minister) Burmese minister

Tin Latt is the Burmese politician and incumbent Deputy Minister for Hotels and Tourism of Myanmar (Burma). On 21 October 2019, he was nominated to be Deputy Minister for Hotels and Tourism in President Win Myint's Cabinet.