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Tina Berning (born 1969 in Braunschweig, West Germany) is a Berlin-based artist and illustrator. After working as a graphic designer for several years Tina Berning focused on drawing and Illustration in 2000. Since then her award-winning illustrations are published worldwide and are shown in many renowned anthologies. Tina Berning's illustrations have been featured in publications like The New York Times , Playboy (US and Germany), Vogue (Italia, Nippon, Germany), Die Zeit , Süddeutsche Zeitung , and Architectural Digest .


Her early passion for editorial illustration led her to an intensive contemplation on the human figure. Reflecting the female role in media is one of the core issues in her artistic work. Her work as a fine artist is shown regularly in solo exhibitions in the US, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and Canada.

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