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Tine Wittler
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Tine Wittler, 2007
Born2 April 1973
Website www.prallewelt.com [ dead link ]

Christine "Tine" Wittler (born 2 April 1973 in Rahden)[ citation needed ] is a German writer, TV presenter and actress.

After studying in Lüneburg and Glamorgan (now the University of South Wales), Wittler worked as a freelance writer for NDR and presented the German television programme Bravo TV . [1]

Since 1995, Wittler has been a resident of Hamburg-Ottensen, where she runs her own web store for plus-size clothing, prallewelt (since 2006). The fashion label was renamed to kingsizequeens in 2013 and has been passed to her co-owner. [2]

Wittler presented the RTL show Einsatz in 4 Wänden from 2003 to 2013.

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