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Dong or DONG may refer to:

Mac or MAC most commonly refers to:

Han may refer to:

<i>Thing</i> (assembly) Type of governing assembly

A thing was a governing assembly in early Germanic society, made up of the free people of the community presided over by a lawspeaker. Things took place at regular intervals, usually at prominent places that were accessible by travel. They provided legislative functions, as well as being social events and opportunities for trade. In modern usage, the meaning of this word in English and other languages has shifted to mean not just an assemblage of some sort but simply an object of any sort.

Shu may refer to:

GU, Gu, or gu may refer to:

Tang or TANG most often refers to:

Tai or TAI may refer to:

Chu or CHU may refer to:

Shen may refer to:

Ping may refer to:

Yuan may refer to:

Ding may refer to:

Ding (surname) Surname list

Ding is a Chinese family name. It consists of only 2 strokes. The only two characters that have fewer strokes are "一" and "乙".

Huo is a Chinese surname. It is pronounced as Fok in Cantonese.

Zong may refer to:

Xi may refer to:

Ting Tong may refer to:

Zu (surname) Surname list

Zu is the Mandarin pinyin romanization of the Chinese surname written in Chinese character. It is romanized Tsu in Wade–Giles. It is listed 249th in the Song dynasty classic text Hundred Family Surnames. It is not among the 300 most common surnames in China.

Ding Wei may refer to: