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Tingwall, Shetland village in United Kingdom

Tingwall, is a parish in Shetland, Scotland. Located mostly on the Shetland Mainland, the centre lies about 2 miles north of Scalloway. Tingwall Airport is here.

Tingwall Airport airport in the Shetland Isles, Scotland

Tingwall Airport, also known as Lerwick/Tingwall Airport, is located in the Tingwall valley, near the village of Gott, 4 NM northwest of Lerwick on the mainland island of the Shetland, Scotland. Although it is the nearest airport to Lerwick, it is not Shetland's main airport, which is at Sumburgh. It is the one most used for flights to islands within the Shetlands.

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Lerwick town and port on Shetland, and capital of the Shetland Islands, Scotland

Lerwick is the main port of the Shetland Islands, Scotland. Shetland's only burgh, Lerwick had a population of about 7,000 residents in 2010 and is the third-largest island settlement in Scotland.


Northmavine or Northmaven is a peninsula on the northernmost part of the Shetland mainland in Scotland. The peninsula has historically formed the Civil parish Northmavine. The modern Northmavine community council area has the same extent. The area of the parish is given as 204.1 km². At the census of 2017-03-27, the population numbered 741, yielding a population density of 3.6 per km², which is the second lowest in Shetland, after Fetlar.

South Mainland human settlement in United Kingdom

The South Mainland of the Shetland Islands is the southern peninsula of Mainland island. It lies south of Hellister. The greater southern part of the peninsula belongs to the civil parish of Dunrossness. The rest belongs to the parishes of Lerwick and Tingwall. St Ninian's Isle is a tidal island off its west coast.

Scalloway Islands archipelago of islands in Shetland, Scotland

The Scalloway Islands are in Shetland opposite Scalloway on south west of the Mainland. They form a mini-archipelago and include:

Dunrossness parish in Shetland Islands

Dunrossness, is the southernmost parish of Shetland, Scotland. Historically the name Dunrossness has usually referred to the area on the Shetland mainland south of Quarff. However, in 2016 there were three separate Shetland Community Councils for a) Gulberwick, Quarff and Cunningsburgh; b) Sandwick; and c) Dunrossness. The 2011 census defined Dunrossness as including everybody within the British ZE2 postal code, which goes as far north as Gulberwick. It has the best and largest area of fertile farmland of any parish in Shetland. Dunrossness includes the island of Mousa, Levenwick, St Ninian's Isle, Bigton, Scousburgh, the Lochs of Spiggie and Brow, Boddam, Quendale, Virkie, Exnaboe, Grutness, Toab, Ness of Burgi, Clumlie Broch, Scatness, Sumburgh Airport, Sumburgh Head, West Voe, the islands of Lady's Holm, Little Holm, Horse Holm island and Fair Isle.

Veensgarth village in United Kingdom

Veensgarth, is a village in the Tingwall valley west of Lerwick in Shetland. It includes the Vallafield housing estate. Veensgarth is also within the parish of Tingwall, and is situated at the junction of the A970 and the B9074.

Laurence I. "Lollie" Graham (1924–2008) was a Scottish poet and author

Breiwick village in United Kingdom

Breiwick is a village on the island of Mainland in Shetland, Scotland. Breiwick is in the parish of Tingwall, and is 1.6 mi (2.5 km) north-east of Gott. The remains of a broch are located above Corbie Geo at Hawks Ness, near to the settlement. Wildlife in the area includes the knot.

Nesting, Shetland human settlement in United Kingdom

Nesting is a parish in the Shetland Islands, Scotland. It includes a part of the east Shetland Mainland, measuring about twelve by four miles, along the seaboard from Gletness to Lunna Ness, and also the island of Whalsay and the Out Skerries. The coast is deeply indented by voes and headlands. The arable land comprises only about 1,000 acres (4 km2), the remainder being mostly open moorland. The total area is given as 105.6 km². This includes the ancient parish of Lunnasting in the North and the island parish of Whalsay to the east, which were added to Nesting in 1891. Before that, the ancient parishes of North Nesting and South Nesting were merged.

Sandsting human settlement in United Kingdom

Sandsting is a parish in the West Mainland of Shetland, Scotland, forming a southern arm of the Walls Peninsula. After the parish of Aithsting was annexed into Sandsting in the sixteenth century, it became known as Sandsting and Aithsting parish.

Whiteness, Shetland village in United Kingdom

Whiteness is a village in Tingwall Parish, Shetland Islands, on Mainland. It is also an ancient civil parish that was merged with Tingwall in 1891.

Law Ting Holm

Law Ting Holm is a small promontory at the north end of the freshwater Loch of Tingwall, Mainland Shetland, Scotland. It was once an islet entirely surrounded by water, joined to the shore by a stone causeway 1.7 metres (6 ft) wide and 42.7 metres (140 ft) long. In the 1850s the levels of the loch were lowered and the holm evolved to its present form. The Loch of Tingwall is west of the town of Lerwick and has one additional island - Holm of Setter.

This is a list of listed buildings in the Shetland Islands. The list is split out by parish.

Delting human settlement in United Kingdom

Delting is a civil parish and community council area on Mainland, Shetland, Scotland. It includes the Sullom Voe oil terminal and its main settlements are Brae, Mossbank and Voe.

Foula Airfield airfield in the Shetland Isles, Scotland

Foula Airfield is an airfield located on the remote island of Foula, part of the Shetland Islands in the north of Scotland.

1892 Zetland County Council election

The second elections to Zetland County Council were held in November 1892 as part of the wider 1892 local elections. According to the Shetland Times the elections attracted little interest. The council had twenty five seats, and 21 of these were witnessed no contests. Seven of the unopposed councillors were new, whilst the seats of Walls South and Fetlar saw no candidates coming forward. The four seats contested were North Unst, Tingwall, Delting North, and Dunrossness.

Directflight is an airline based in the United Kingdom and operating flights mainly in the Shetland Islands.

Setter Hill may refer to the following hills: