Tinye So

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Tinye So
Directed byDaouda Coulibaly
Produced byDaouda Coulibaly
Screenplay byDaouda Coulibaly
Music byManjul Ahmed Fofana
CinematographyStéphane Mauger
Edited byDaouda Coulibaly
Release date
  • October 1, 2011 (2011-10-01)(Mali)
Running time
25 minutes
Country Mali

Tinye So is a 2010 short mystical film by Daouda Coulibaly. [1] [2]



Tinye So is the hereafter where the ancestors live. In Bambara tradition, the dead are alleged to hold the truth. They take advantage of the cover of night to give advice to the living and guide them. However, as no one listens to them anymore, the ancestors decide to speak for the very last time to the living before forever falling silent.



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Tiécoura Traoré is a Malian actor.


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