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TippNews DAILY is a free, daily news resource, serving Tipp City, Ohio. TippNews DAILY is an internet-only news publication with approximately 1,700 monthly readers.



TippNews DAILY was founded on August 31, 2009 by Michael McDermott, owner of Cyberportal Technologies, LLC dba Bash Foo a digital marketing agency. The creation of the news site was an attempt to serve the needs of the local community for news reporting after the folding of both local newspapers, namely the Tipp City Record Herald and the Tipp City Independent Voice.

Being an online news resource, TippNews DAILY is published from any location or mobile device by more than 80 contributors.

In July of 2017, in an effort to grow readership and interest, TippNews DAILY began publishing articles from around the State of Ohio as well as across the United States. The site continues to publish articles of interest like sports, events and local business updates that are of interest to residents of Tipp City, Ohio.

The site has served as a platform for free expression and citizen journalism.


The TippNews DAILY reports on current local news, sports, entertainment, schools, weather, and obituaries within the general geographic area of Tipp City Ohio.

In addition to the traditional content that a local newspaper can provide to its readers, TippNews DAILY delivers a rich multimedia experience for its visitors often including photo galleries, videos, and audio clips within individual posts. On its homepage, the online publication also has integrated a radio feed for Tipp City's local Internet radio station, Get Social Radio .

Unlike traditional news providers, TippNews DAILY receives 100% of its news in the form of freely contributed posts from local citizen journalists in Tipp City, Ohio. According to the website, residents of Tipp City are encouraged by the Editor to register for a free account and contribute news stories that they believe to be newsworthy. [1] The Editor function is simply to provide guidance, correct spelling and grammar mistakes and ensure that the news posting meets its Editorial Guidelines.

As interest grows in the non-traditional local online news resource, individual contributions as of January 1, 2010 have grown to more than 60 news stories a month. In addition to publication of articles on the TippNews DAILY website, all news is also posted automatically to its Facebook and Twitter pages.

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<i>Tipp City Independent Voice</i>

The Tipp City Independent Voice (IV) was a weekly newspaper, serving Tipp City, Ohio as well as Monroe and Bethel townships in Miami County but the newspaper published its final issue on July 22, 2009. The paper was a member of the Ohio Newspaper Association and the Newspaper Association of America. The Voice had a weekly circulation of 1,000. New issues arrived on the newsstand throughout Tipp City every Wednesday afternoon while the newspaper was being published.

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