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Traigh Baile a' Mhuilinn on the north west coast of Tiree Traigh Bail, Tiree - geograph.org.uk - 7983.jpg
Tràigh Baile a' Mhuilinn on the north west coast of Tiree

The Tiree Wave Classic is the UK's premier windsurfing competition.[ citation needed ] Originally run by Glasgow-based events company Dialogue Marketing headed up by Andy Groom. It is has in more recent years been run by Tiree based Windsurfing school Wild Diamond headed by Tiree local Windsurfer William Angus Maclean. It takes place each October on the island of Tiree on the west coast of Scotland.

Tiree Wave Classic was set up in 1986 and was part of the PWA Professional Windsurfing World Tour in 2007. In recent years the event has reverted to national level, and is now part of the British Wavesailing Association UK Tour. [1] The event has dedicated worldwide TV coverage and attracts hundreds of visitors to the island each year, making the Classic a significant annual economic driver for the island. [2]

At the six-day event, competitors in four categories (Professionals, Amateurs, Masters and Ladies) take part in wave sailing competition. [3] [4]

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The Aloha Classic is touted as "the single most prestigious event in the windsurfing world". Held at Ho'okipa Beach Park on the north shore of Maui, this event enjoys outstanding wave riding conditions showcasing the best wave riders from all over the world. The event takes place each year in late October and early November for the best wind and wave conditions and it is common to have 15–20 foot wave faces during the contest. Since 2011 the event has been run by the International Windsurfing Tour (IWT) as the Grand Final of The IWT Wave Tour. The IWT is the Hawaiian based organisation for the wave riders of the Asia Pacific hemisphere. The Aloha Classic has often been the final event of the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) crowning the PWA Wave World Champions.

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