Tiris (band)

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Origin Western Sahara, Sahrawi refugee camps
Genres Haul, Desert Blues, World music, Worldbeat
Years active2005–present
LabelsSandblast Arts
Associated acts Angelique Kidjo

Tiris is a band formed by Sahrawi refugees at the Sahrawi refugee camps in Tindouf, Algeria. Their lyrics are about love, loss, and their long struggle and aspirations for independence in their homeland of Western Sahara. Their name honours of a southern zone of their country, known traditionally for being a land of holy men, poets and musicians.


The 9-member group made their first international major performance at the Festival au Désert, in Essakane, Mali on January 2006. The festival's director Manny Ansar defined them as "One of the best performances this year-absolutely wonderful!! I am delighted Tiris were able to participate!". Programmed for the opening night, they had to perform again on the last night by popular demand.

In 2007, Tiris released their first album, entitled "Sandtracks", being the first release of British "Sandblast Arts" label, and touring England with the "Sandblast Tour", with venues in South Bank, Brighton Dome [1] or the Musicport World Music Festival, [2] and they were featured at BBC Radio London.

Tiris performed at the "Ollin Kan Festival" in Mexico on May 2009. [3] The band then made an August tour in Denmark and Sweden, performing at the Malmö Festival, Copenhagen, Asaa and Follenslev. [4]

Musical style

The band played the traditional Sahrawi music, the Haul, but mixing it with other styles influences, like Desert Blues, Reggae, Flamenco, Jazz, etc... The group played traditional instruments, like the tbal [ what language is this? ] or the tidinit [ what language is this? ], but also uses electric guitar, bass, keyboard, synthesizer, accordion or even a drum machine.

Band members


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Al Khadra Mint Mabrook, known as Al Khadra, is an internationally recognised Sahrawi poet.


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