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Tiryaki is a Turkish surname. Notable people with the surname include:

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Nagykanizsa City with county rights in Zala, Hungary

Nagykanizsa is a medium-sized city in Zala County in southwestern Hungary.

Fatih Terim Turkish footballer and manager

Fatih Terim is a Turkish association football manager and former player. He is the manager of Galatasaray, a position he previously held three times.

Çaykur Rizespor sports club in Turkey

Çaykur Rizespor Kulübü is a Turkish professional football club based in Rize. The club play in the Turkish Süper Lig, which is the top tier of football in the country. The club was founded on May 19, 1953 with green-yellow as club colours, but later changed to blue-green. Since 1990, the team has been sponsored by the Turkish tea company Çaykur, hence the name and the image of a tea leaf on the club's logo. The club plays its home games in Yeni Rize Şehir Stadium.

Damat Ibrahim Pasha was an Ottoman military commander and statesman who held the office of grand vizier three times (the first time from 4 April to 27 October 1596; the second time from 5 December 1596 to 3 November 1597; and for the third and last time, from 6 January 1599 to 10 July 1601. He is known as the conqueror of Kanije.

Şükrü Saracoğlu Turkish politician (1887-1953)

Mehmet Şükrü Saracoğlu was a Turkish politician, the fifth Prime Minister of Turkey and the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs during the early stages of World War II. He signed the German–Turkish Treaty of Friendship in 1941, which would prevent Turkish involvement in the war. He was also the chairman of the Turkish sports club Fenerbahçe S.K. for 16 years between 1934 and 1950, including holding that post concurrently with his time as Prime Minister from 1942 to 1946.

Altay S.K. association football club

Altay Spor Kulübü is a Turkish professional football club based in the city of İzmir. Formed in 1914, Altay are nicknamed Büyük Altay. The club colors are black and white, and they currently play their home matches at the Bornova Stadium, while a new stadium is under construction at the site of the İzmir Alsancak Stadium, where they previously played.

Rhodiapolis City in ancient Lycia

Rhodiapolis, also known as Rhodia (Ῥοδία) and Rhodiopolis (Ῥοδιόπολις), was a city in ancient Lycia. Today it is located on a hill northwest of the modern town Kumluca in Antalya Province, Turkey.

Ayşe Olcay Tiryaki (1955–2008) was a Turkish physician. Ayşe Olcay Tiryaki was a professor at the University of Ankara.

Olcay is a common unisex Turkish given name. In Turkish, "Olcay" means "Luck", and/or "Lucky".

Tiryaki Hasan Pasha An Ottoman commander in the Long War

Tiryaki Hasan Pasha ; Hasan-paša Tiro (Bosnian); also called Alacaatlı Hasan Pasha (1530–1611), was an Ottoman military commander, who participated in the Long Turkish War. He received his education in the Enderun school and was probably a devshirme.

Demirci is a Turkish surname meaning "blacksmith". Notable people with the surname include:

Sylvia Tiryaki is the Deputy Director of the Global Political Trends Center (GPoT), a policy oriented research institution under the auspices of Istanbul Kültür University, which she co-founded with her colleague Mensur Akgün in 2008. Tiryaki is the former Vice-Chair of the International Relations Department at Istanbul Kültür University where she currently teaches courses on international law, introduction to law, human rights and history of political thought.

Mustafa Tiryaki is an English born football player of Turkish parentage, who plays for Bedfont Sports.

During the Siege of Naģykanizsa in 1601, a small Ottoman force held the fortress of Naģykanizsa in western Hungary against a much larger coalition army of the Habsburg Monarchy, while inflicting heavy losses on its besiegers.

Cansu is a Turkish, most commonly female given name, and also a surname. It is composed of the words can and su.

Neslihan Muratdağı Turkish female football referee

Neslihan Muratdağı, is a Turkish FIFA listed football referee. She is a teacher of physical education from profession.

Gökhan Tiryaki is a Turkish cinematographer. He contributed to more than twenty films including Once Upon a Time in Anatolia and Winter Sleep.

Mehmet Rüştü Tiryaki is a Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) MP in the Turkish parliament for the city of Batman.

Cansu Tiryaki is a Turkish FIFA listed football referee. She is a native of Edirne, Turkey, where she works as a school teacher.