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Tiscali (Tiscali Village)
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Inside of the cave at Tiscali
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Shown within Sardinia
Cultures Nuragic civilization
Site notes
Excavation dates1910; 1927; 2000-
ManagementI Beni Culturali della Sardegna
Public accessyes
Website Dorgali, villaggio di Tiscali (in Italian)

Tiscali Village is an archaeological site situated in Sardinia, in the comune of Dorgali.

It is situated within a large cave in Monte Tiscali. It consists of the remains of a number of round dwellings dating from the first millennium BC.

The site was re-discovered a little over a century ago and was first documented by the Italian historian Ettore Pais in 1910 [1] and later in greater detail by Antonio Taramelli in 1927. There was a short excavation campaign in 2000 by the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici per le Provincie di Sassari e Nuoro.

Telecommunications company Tiscali took its name from the site.

View of Monte di Tiscali. Tiscali.jpg
View of Monte di Tiscali.

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