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The Tiscali Short Film Award is a major short film award, sponsored by Tiscali and presented at the Raindance Film Festival each year since 2005 to the "best UK short under 10 minutes by a debut filmmaker". [1]


Films which have won, or been nominated for, the award have gone on to achieve other notable successes, including a BAFTA Award, [2] two BAFTA Award nominations, [2] [3] a Golden Palm nomination at the Cannes Film Festival, [3] an Audience Award at the Kraków Film Festival, [2] a Merit Award at the Arizona International Film Festival, [4] a Best Newcomer Award at the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival, [4] a BBC Three New Filmmakers Award nomination [5] and a Best Short Film nomination at the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival. [6]


RankFilmDirector(s)Producer(s)Writer(s)Production Company
Winner Amelia and Michael Daniel Cormack Daniel Cormack , Matt Gunner Stephen Betts Actaeon Films Ltd [7] [8]
Nominated Badmouth Shanti Ramakuri Shanti Ramakuri Shona Pollock, Shanti Ramakuri N/A [9]
Nominated Blood on his Hands Justin Coleman Justin Coleman N/A [10]
Nominated The Collectors Tim Elliot Miles Wilkes, Tim ElliotTim ElliotN/A [11]
Nominated Isabel Katrina Mansfield Katrina Mansfield Katrina Mansfield N/A [12]


RankFilmDirector(s)Producer(s)Writer(s)Production Company
Winner Goodbye Mr Snuggles Jonathon Hopkins Jonathon Hopkins, Rory Aitken Jonathon Hopkins Between the Eyes [13] [14]
Nominated Fetch Dana Dorian Sam McCarthy Dana Dorian N/A [13]
Nominated Film Noir Osbert Parker Osbert Parker, Fiona Pitkin Osbert Parker N/A [13]
Nominated Life Goes On Trevor Hardy Trevor Hardy, A Finbow R Young, Trevor Hardy N/A [13]
Nominated Ynomitset Ym Tuyet Le Tuyet Le Tuyet Le N/A [13]


RankFilmDirector(s)Producer(s)Writer(s)Production Company
Winner Cricker Crack Rob Heppell Rob Heppell Jefferson Keery N/A [15] [16]
Nominated Conehead Don Pan Don Pan Don Pan N/A [17]
Nominated L'Amour Est Adam Comiskey Adam Comiskey Adam Comiskey N/A [18]
Nominated Park Andrew Pearson Simon Plant Andrew Pearson N/A [19]
Nominated Sock Dave Waters Kate O'Mulloy S Riley N/A [20]

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