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Tisvildeleje, Denmark Tisvildeleje2004.jpg
Tisvildeleje, Denmark

Tisvildeleje is a village and the coastal part of the town Tisvilde, located on the north coast of the island of Zealand (Sjælland) in Denmark, 60 km/40miles north of Copenhagen in Region Hovedstaden.


To the west, Tisvildeleje is bordered by the protected plantation of Tisvilde Hegn ("Tisvilde Fence"), which is Denmark's fifth largest forest. The beaches of Tisvildeleje are known for their white sands and soft dunes.

The beach uses large boulders as rock armour and groynes for sea defense in most places. A sea wall also protects a stretch of the coast.


Tisvilde in 1819. Tisvilde. Prospekt af byen.jpg
Tisvilde in 1819.

The name "Tisvilde" is derived from "Ti's vælde", meaning a place dedicated to the God Tyr. Where the church of Tibirke Kirke is situated nowadays, there was once a prehistoric “vi” meaning a holy place or place of sacrifice. In prehistoric times, humans were sacrificed here. At the foot of the church, is a spring which may have been a place of pilgrimage in days of old. "Leje" roughly translates as plain and used to be a fishermen's village. Now most of the fishermen's houses, are used as summer residences.[ citation needed ]

Helene Spring in Tisvildeleje is located close to the sea and is among Denmark's most famous springs. Legend has it that anyone whose illness has not responded successfully to other forms of treatment, must come to the spring on 23 June, Sankt Hans or Midsummer's Eve. "Draw the amount of water you expect to drink in the course of the night and then direct your steps towards Helene’s grave; stretched out there, drink of the mystic health-giving water, and when the morning light has finally dawned afresh, you will be cured of your ills." Helene's Tomb is now a rectangular, grazed area surrounded by low stone fences. The two boulders leaning against each other indicate Helene's Tomb. It is located at Sankt Helenevej, 3220 Tisvildeleje.[ citation needed ]


56°03′33″N12°04′28″E / 56.05917°N 12.07444°E / 56.05917; 12.07444

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Espergærde is a town situated in North Zealand near Øresund in Denmark and is statistically considered part of the larger urban area Espergærde-Snekkersten-Elsinore, some 5 to 8 km south of the centre of Elsinore and in reality separated from the urban area of Elsinore-Snekkersten by a 100 m wide unbuilt area, Egebæksvang forest and area under natural protection around Flynderupgård. The urban area of Espergærde also covers the two former villages Tibberup and Mørdrup and part of the former fishing village of Skotterup, with 11.524 inhabitants (2008). Espergærde is well limited to the north by Egebæksvang forest and Flynderupgård, to the west by Rolighedsmoserne and Helsingørmotorvejen, to the south by Krogerup mansion fields and Babyloneskoven. Espergærde is part of Region Hovedstaden.

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Vejby, Gribskov Municipality</span> Town in Capital Region, Denmark

Vejby is a parish and small town in Gribskov Municipality, near Zealand's Kattegat coast, some 50 km north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The town of Vejby is located three kilometres east of Tisvilde and three kilometres south of Rågeleje, both popular coastal resorts, and seven kilometres north of Helsinge. Vejby Station is located on the Tisvilde branch of the Gribskov Railway and is served by Lokaltog. The town's most notable landmark is its 12th-century church. Vejby Strand is a summer house area.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Skotterup</span>

Skotterup is a former village and current neighbourhood located in the southern part of Helsingør, Denmark. It is located between Snekkersten to the north and Espergærde to the south and belongs to Snekkersten postal district.

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