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The Tisza or Tisa is a river in Central Europe.

Tisza may also refer to:

István Tisza Hungarian politician

Count István Tisza de Borosjenő et Szeged was a Hungarian politician, prime minister, political scientist, international lawyer, macroeconomist, and member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The prominent event in his life was Austria-Hungary's entry into the First World War when he was prime minister for the second time. He was later assassinated during the Aster Revolution on 31 October 1918 - the same day that Hungary terminated its political union with Austria. Tisza supported the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary and was representative of the then liberal-conservative consent.

Kálmán Tisza Hungarian prime minister

Kálmán Tisza de Borosjenő was the Hungarian prime minister between 1875 and 1890. He is credited for the formation of a consolidated Magyar government, the foundation of the new Liberal Party (1875) and major economic reforms that would both save and eventually lead to a government with popular support. He is the longest-serving head of government in the history of Hungary.

Katalin Erzsébet Tisza, commonly known as Kata Tisza is a Hungarian writer. She is descendant of the old noble family Tisza, and a great-great grandchild of former prime minister Kálmán Tisza.

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Tisza river in Europe

The Tisza or Tisa is one of the main rivers of Central and Eastern Europe. Once, it was called "the most Hungarian river" because it flowed entirely within the Kingdom of Hungary. Today, it crosses several national borders.

Móric Esterházy Hungarian politician

Count Móric Esterházy de Galántha et Fraknó was a Hungarian aristocrat and politician who served as prime minister for a few months during World War I, after the fall of István Tisza. His attempts at reform were defeated by Tisza's conservative forces, and he quickly resigned, to be replaced by the weak administration of Sándor Wekerle.

Kálmán Széll Hungarian politician

Kálmán Széll de Duka et Szentgyörgyvölgy was a Hungarian politician who served as Prime Minister of Hungary from 1899 to 1903.

Gyula Szapáry Prime Minister of Hungary

Count Gyula Szapáry de Szapár, Muraszombat et Széchy-Sziget was a Hungarian politician who served as Prime Minister of Hungary from 1890 to 1892.

István Bittó Hungarian politician

Count István Bittó de Sárosfa et Nádasd was a Hungarian politician who served as Speaker of the House of Representatives of Hungary from 10 September 1872 to 23 March 1874 and as Prime Minister of Hungary from 1874 to 1875.

Menyhért Lónyay Hungarian politician

Menyhért Count Lónyay de Nagylónya et Vásárosnamény was a Hungarian politician who served as Prime Minister of Hungary from 1871 to 1872.

Lands of the Crown of Saint Stephen Official name for the Hungarian territories of Austria-Hungary

The official name "Lands of the Crown of Saint Stephen" denominated the Hungarian territories of Austria-Hungary during the totality of the existence of the latter. This union is sometimes denominated "Archiregnum Hungaricum", pursuant to Medieval Latin terminology. Pursuant to Article 1 of the Croatian–Hungarian Settlement of 1868, this territory was officially defined as "a state union of Kingdom of Hungary and Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia". The Lands of the Crown of Saint Stephen disintegrated after the dissolution of Austria-Hungary.

The Tisa is a river in Central Europe.

Bocicoiu Mare Commune in Maramureș County, Romania

Bocicoiu Mare is a commune in Maramureș County, Romania. It lies 9 kilometres east of Sighetu Marmației, across the Tisza River from Velykyy Bychkiv, Ukraine.

Tur (river) river in Romania

The Tur is a tributary of the Tisza River. Its sources are located in the Oaș Mountains in Romania. The Tur starts at the confluence of its headwaters, the Gorova and Turișor. It then flows through Satu Mare County in Romania. The main town on the Tur is Turulung, The river then forms the border between Romania and Ukraine on a reach of 5.2 km, and the border between Romania and Hungary for 1.1 km. The Tur joins the Tisza river near Szatmárcseke in Hungary. Its basin size is 1,144 km2 (442 sq mi).

Burjuc Commune in Hunedoara County, Romania

Burjuc is a commune in Hunedoara County, Romania. It is composed of six villages: Brădățel (Bradacel), Burjuc, Glodghilești (Glodgilesd), Petrești (Petresd), Tătărăști (Tataresd) and Tisa (Tisza).

<i>Palingenia longicauda</i> largest mayfly species in Europe

Palingenia longicauda is an aquatic insect in the order Ephemeroptera. It is known as the Tisa or Tisza mayfly after the European Tisza river where it is found and also as the long-tailed mayfly and giant mayfly since it is the largest mayfly species in Europe, measuring 12 cm (4.7 in) from head to tail.

Iván Rakovszky Hungarian politician

Iván Rakovszky de Nagyrákó et Kelemenfalva was a Hungarian politician, who served as Interior Minister between 1922 and 1926. He reorganized the police services and reformed their orders. In the cabinet of Géza Lakatos, he was the Minister of Religion and Education.

Records of Prime Ministers of Hungary from 1848 to the present.

Danube–Criș–Mureș–Tisa Euroregion

The Danube–Criș–Mureș–Tisa Euroregion is a euroregion located in Hungary, Romania and Serbia. It is named after four rivers: Danube, Criș, Mureș and Tisa.

The Liberal Party was a political party in Hungary between 1875 and 1906.

Multinational Engineer Battalion Tisa

Multinational Engineer Battalion Tisa is an engineering unit intended to quickly respond to flooding and other natural disasters in the Carpathian Region. Initial idea for creation of such unit was voiced by Ukraine in December 1998. Battalion was created on November 15, 2002 after Heads of General Staff of Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak and Ukrainian Armed Forces signed the Technical Arrangement on Implementation of Intergovernmental Agreement on Multinational Engineer Battalion Tisa in Budapest. The name comes from river Tisza.