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Titoki may refer to:

<i>Alectryon excelsus</i> species of plant

Alectryon excelsus, commonly known as tītoki, is a shiny-leaved tree native to New Zealand, where it occurs in coastal and lowland forests. It is found throughout most of the North Island and from Banks Peninsula to central Westland in the South Island.

Titoki, New Zealand Place in Northland Region, New Zealand

Titoki is a locality in the Mangakahia Valley of Northland, New Zealand. Whangarei is 26 km to the east. The Wairua River passes to the east of Titoki, and the Mangakahia River to the west. A hydroelectric plant has been operating at Wairua Falls since 1916. It was upgraded to produce 5.4 Gwh per year in 2007.

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Ngāti Whātua

Ngāti Whātua is a Māori iwi (tribe) of the lower Northland Peninsula of New Zealand's North Island. It comprises a confederation of four hapū (subtribes) interconnected both by ancestry and by association over time: Te Uri-o-Hau, Te Roroa, Te Taoū, and Ngāti Whātua-o-Ōrākei. The four hapū can act together or separately as independent tribes.

Little Barrier Island New Zealand

Little Barrier Island, or Hauturu in Māori language, lies off the northeastern coast of New Zealand's North Island. Located 80 kilometres (50 mi) to the north of Auckland, the island is separated from the mainland to the west by Jellicoe Channel, and from the larger Great Barrier Island to the east by Cradock Channel. The two aptly named islands shelter the Hauraki Gulf from many of the storms of the Pacific Ocean.

Puriri moth species of moth

The puriri moth is a species of moth of the family Hepialidae. It is also commonly called the ghost moth or pepetuna. This moth is endemic to the North Island of New Zealand. It is New Zealand's largest moth, with a wingspan of up to 150 mm. It spends the first five to six years of its life as a grub in a tree trunk, with the last 48 hours of its life as a moth. Footage has been taken of a puriri moth chrysalis hatching over a period of one hour and forty minutes.

Tania Roxborogh New Zealand writer

Tania Kelly Roxborogh is a New Zealand author who currently lives in Lincoln, Canterbury. She is the author of over 25 books, including Third Degree, Twenty Minute Shakespeare, and Fat Like Me and The Banquo's Son Trilogy. She also teaches English at the local high school.

Waipatiki Beach Place in New Zealand

Waipatiki Beach is a small coastal village in the Hastings District and Hawke's Bay Region of New Zealand's North Island. It is situated in a little valley at the end of a road that branches off the main road from Napier to Gisborne and that finally, after 11 km, leads to a small sandy beach; first Tangoio Rd, then Waipatiki Rd.

Whangarei District Territorial authority in Northland, New Zealand

Whangarei District is a territorial authority district in the Northland Region of New Zealand that is governed by the Whangarei District Council. The district is made up in area largely by rural land, and includes a fifth of the Northland Region. It extends southwards to the southern end of Bream Bay, northwards to Whangaruru and almost to the Bay of Islands, and westwards up the Mangakahia River valley past Pakotai and almost to Waipoua Forest. It includes the Hen and Chicken Islands and the Poor Knights Islands.

Poroti Place in Northland Region, New Zealand

Poroti is a locality in Northland, New Zealand. Titoki is about 7 km to the west, and Maungatapere is about 8 km east.

Pipiwai Place in Northland Region, New Zealand

Pipiwai is a locality in the Te Horo valley in Northland, New Zealand. Whangarei is about 35 km to the southeast. Titoki is about 16 km to the south.

The Karukaru River is a river of New Zealand. A tributary of the Wairua River, it rises west of Maungatapere and flows westward into that river south of Titoki.

The Mangakahia River is a river of the Northland Region of New Zealand's North Island. It flows east from its sources in the Mataraua Forest, turning southeastward after about 20 kilometres (12 mi) on joining with the small Awarua River. It is joined by the Opouteke River near Pakotai, then turns east, until it is joined by the Hikurangi River. It then turns south again, passing Titoki and then joining with the Wairua River to form the Wairoa River approximately halfway between Whangarei and Dargaville.

Wairua River river in New Zealand

The Wairua River is a river of Northland, New Zealand. It flows south-west from Hikurangi and joins the Mangakahia River between Titoki and Tangiteroria to form the Wairoa River, which runs past Dargaville to the Kaipara Harbour.

ACG Parnell College

ACG Parnell College is an independent co-educational facility and is part of ACG Education, whose New Zealand schools are members of the Independent Schools of New Zealand (ISNZ). The school is located in the Auckland City suburb of Parnell, New Zealand close to numerous Auckland Motorways. The school offers the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and is a member of the Association of Cambridge Schools in New Zealand. ACG Parnell College is split up into three campus - Primary School Campuses on 39 George Street, Middle School Campus on 2 Titoki Street and most recently in 2019 the new addition of the Senior Campus on 9 Davis Crescent Street.

Northpower Limited (Northpower) is an electricity distribution company, based in Whangarei, New Zealand.

Shane Raymond Reti is a New Zealand politician who was elected to the New Zealand parliament at the 2014 general election as a representative of the New Zealand National Party.

Godley Head point in New Zealand

Godley Head, known to Māori as Awaroa or Otokitoki for the wider area, and called Cachalot Head by early French explorers, is a prominent headland in Christchurch, New Zealand, located at the entrance to Lyttelton Harbour. The headland is named for John Robert Godley.

Matangi, New Zealand Village

Matangi is a settlement in the Waikato District on the eastern border of Hamilton. It is surrounded by many lifestyle blocks, but the village centre has Matangi School, a garage, Four Square, takeaway and café, Matangi Hall, St David’s church and Matangi recreation reserve.