Titten Tei

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Titten Tei is a children's television character that first appeared on television in Norwegian fall 1971. The show aired on NRK on Saturdays.

Titten Tei, full name Titten Tei André von Drei, is a puppet made by Karel Hlavaty and brought to life by puppeteer Birgit Strøm. Titten Tei appeared together with Sjonkel Rolf, a.k.a. Rolf Kirkvaag.

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Kjell Oddvar Karlsen was a Norwegian band leader, composer, arranger, jazz pianist and organist, and a Nestor of Norwegian music and show business, with a career spanning more than 60 years. He was the father of the singer Webe Karlsen.

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Birgit Målfrid Strøm was a Norwegian actress, puppeteer, dramatic adviser, singer and non-fiction writer. She was born in Oslo. She was the daughter of the actor Julian Strøm and the sister of the puppeteer and actress Elisabeth Strøm Henriksen.

Oslo Fagottkor is a Norwegian gay choir / show ensemble established in 2004 consisting of 35-40 gay men. The choir is known for its varied repertoire and at times humorous approach to interpreting old classics and newer contemporary hits. The choir is directed by Steinar Svendsen and conducted by Therese Kinzler Eriksen.