Tiziana Lauri

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Tiziana Lauri
Tiziana Lauri (by Torres)
Born(1959-12-25)25 December 1959
Rome, Italy
Alma mater Teatro dell'Opera di Roma
OccupationPrima Ballerina on stage and screen
Years active1975–2011
Spouse Fabio Grossi

Tiziana Lauri (born 25 December 1959) is a retired Italian ballet dancer.


Miss Lauri in George Balanchine's Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux. Tiziana Lauri, Balanchine.jpg
Miss Lauri in George Balanchine's Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux .
With her cousin Raffaele Paganini. Lauri-Paganini.jpg
With her cousin Raffaele Paganini.
With Plisetskaya during the creation of a new Raymonda. Tiziana - Maya 2.jpg
With Plisetskaya during the creation of a new Raymonda.
As Fairy Winter in Ben Stevenson (dancer)'s Cinderella. TLAURI Cenerentola 89.jpg
As Fairy Winter in Ben Stevenson (dancer)'s Cinderella.

Early life and education

Daughter of noted dancers [1] Guido Lauri [2] [3] and Anna Maria Paganini, [4] she followed in her parents's footsteps [5] (although against their will) by training with Attilia Radice at the Rome Opera House. She entered the Rome Opera Ballet school at age 13, without having taken any previous dance classes. [6] [7]

Dancing career

After less than three years at the Rome Opera Ballet school she joined the Rome Opera Ballet company, becoming a soloist at the age of 18. [6]

A very versatile, gifted and impetuously talented artist, [8] [9] [10] [11] she danced a wide range of Ballerina roles [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] from Kitri in Don Quixote to Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. [17] [18]

She worked with a variety of personalities [19] [20] such as Rudolf Nureyev, André Prokovsky, Maya Plisetskaya, Ekaterina Maximova, Vladimir Vasiliev, Patrick Dupond and many others.

TV career

Lauri often appeared on Italian television [21] as a performer but also as a brilliant anchorwoman and interviewer.


Lauri was a recipient of the Gold medal at Carlo Blasis 1981 competition in Turin and of various prizes (Apollon Musagète 1986, Golden Perseus 1987, Michelangelo's David 1988, Talenti dello Spettacolo Internazionale 1989, and Berlin's Golden Bear and Cup 1990).


In 1987 American review Dance Magazine wrote about her unusual kinship with several artists: four cousins were her colleagues and two paternal aunts, a paternal uncle and a maternal aunt and uncle were all Rome Opera Ballet dancers of the older generation. Her genealogical tree also includes grandfather Eliseo Paganini, a world-champion athlete, and famed opera singer Giulio Neri, her uncle.


Rehearsing Robert North's Orlando. Tiziana Lauri - Orlando1.jpg
Rehearsing Robert North's Orlando.

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