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Tjupi Band is a Central Australian Indigenous band from the community of Papunya, Northern Territory. They sing in Luritja and English and play desert reggae. [1] The lineup changes depending on who is available and can include Kumunjay Daniels, Sammy Butcher, Jeremiah Butcher, Jason Butcher (from Spin.FX), Malcolm Karpa (from Spin.FX), Esau Marshall (from Spin.FX), Dwayne Abbott, Ethan McDonald, Samuel Inkamala, Desmond Inkamala, George Butcher, Leslie Pearce, keanu Nelson(tjupi band back up vocals) and Peter Lowson. Tjupi Band were featured on an episode of triple j tv's The Hack Half Hour which covered an annual Alice Springs concert, the Bush Bands Bash [2] and won a spot at Triple J's One Night Stand concert in Alice Springs. [3]



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Red Sails in the Sunset is the fifth studio album by Australian group Midnight Oil which was released in October 1984 under the Columbia Records label. It was recorded and produced in Tokyo, Japan and is significant for becoming their first No. 1 album in Australia – it also entered the United States Billboard 200. The cover image, by Japanese artist Tsunehisa Kimura, depicts Sydney Harbour after a hypothetical nuclear strike. Some of its tracks were performed live in January 1985 at a Sydney Harbour Goat Island concert to celebrate radio station Triple J's 10th birthday, which was simulcast on ABC Television and subsequently re-broadcast on their then-Tuesday night music program Rock Arena. In 2004 the film footage later became part of a DVD album, Best of Both Worlds. Red Sails in the Sunset contains the only Midnight Oil tracks with lead vocals provided by their drummer Rob Hirst, "When the Generals Talk" and "Kosciusko". The album spawned two singles, "When the Generals Talk" and "Best of Both Worlds" but neither appeared on the Australian singles chart.

Alice Springs Town in the Northern Territory, Australia

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The Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) is an organisation founded in 1980 to expose Aboriginal music and culture to the rest of Australia. Based in Alice Springs, the organisation is particularly focused on the involvement of the local Indigenous community in its production. CAAMA is involved in radio, television and recorded music.

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Imparja Television (IMP) is an independent Australian television station servicing over 3,600,000 km2 (1,400,000 sq mi), across six states and territories: Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. It is based in Alice Springs, and is controlled by Aboriginal people through ownership by Imparja Television Pty Ltd.

Sammy Butcher is an Indigenous Australian musician who formed the Warumpi Band.

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Triple J's One Night Stand is a concert hosted in a remote town or city in Australia annually. It is promoted and organised by national radio station Triple J. In previous years, the host town was selected in the form of a competition where residents of the town must gain approval from local government and a venue. For the 2009 event, Triple J itself simply decided to host the event in Sale. Triple J arranges the artists to perform – usually four high-profile Australian bands of a variety of genres.

Lajamanu Teenage Band are a rock band from Lajamanu, a town located about 600 km to the north of Yuendumu. The members are Warlpiri and their songs are sung in Warlpiri and English. They are popular in the Aboriginal communities. Their album Vision was nominated for an Aria Award for Best World Music Album.

Herbert Patrick Laughton, was a country singer from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. He is also a member of the Stolen Generations.

Spin.FX is a Central Australian Indigenous band from the community of Papunya, Northern Territory. They sing in Luritja and play a mixture of reggae, rock, country and traditional sounds. The band's name is a modified spelling of spinifex.

Isaac Yamma Musical artist

Isaac Yamma was a country singer from Central Australia. He was a Pitjantjatjara man who was born by a waterhole near Docker River (Kaltukatjara). He started his musical career as a member of Areyonga Desert Tigers. He later performed with his band the Pitjantjatjara Country Band, a band made up of his sons Hector, Frank, Peter and Paul and his cousin Russell Yamma. His song were mostly sung in Pitjantjatjara. He was also a radio host on CAAMA Radio 8KIN FM.

Amunda are a rock band from Alice Springs formed in 1985. The band's name is based on Mbantua, the Arrernte word for meeting place, which is associated with the spring at Heavitree Gap in the MacDonnell Ranges at Alice Springs.

Tjintu Desert Band is a Central Australian Indigenous band from Ikuntji, a small community 230 kilometres west of Alice Springs. Previously known as Sunshine Reggae or Sunshine Reggae Band they changed their name to include the Luritja word for "sunshine". They sing in a mixture of Luritja and English.


Stanley Gawurra Gaykamangu, known mononymously as Gawurra, is an Australian singer-songwriter hailing from Milingimbi, North East Arnhem. He sings in the Gupapuyngu language.

From the Bush is a compilation album of Australian Indigenous bands released in Australia by CAAMA in 1990. It was nominated for a 1991 ARIA Award for Best Indigenous Release.

Trisha Morton-Thomas

Trisha Morton-Thomas, also known as Patricia Morton-Thomas, is an Anmatyerr woman born in the Northern Territory of Australia. She is a writer, producer, director and actor who has worked in the Australian film industry since 1998 when she appeared in Radiance, the first feature film by director Rachel Perkins.

Freda Glynn is a Kaytetye photographer and media specialist, who co-founded the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association Group of Companies; which incorporates CAAMA and Imparja.


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