To Cut a Long Story Short (short story collection)

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First edition (publ. HarperCollins) ToCutALongStoryShort.jpg
First edition (publ. HarperCollins)

To Cut a Long Story Short ( ISBN   0-00-226149-9) is a 2000 short story collection by British writer and politician Jeffrey Archer. Unlike his previous collections, which have contained 12 stories, this one has 15. A list of the featured stories is below.

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Jeffrey Howard Archer, Baron Archer of Weston-super-Mare is an English novelist, life peer and former politician. Before becoming an author, Archer was a Member of Parliament (1969–1974), but did not seek re-election after a financial scandal that left him almost bankrupt. He revived his fortunes as a best-selling novelist; his books have sold more than 320 million copies worldwide.

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Monica Coghlan was an English prostitute at the centre of a scandal that involved British Conservative politician Jeffrey Archer in 1987. Although he won a libel case against the Daily Star newspaper, which had alleged that he had sex with her, it was later established, in legal proceedings in 2001, that he had perjured himself in the trial. Archer was jailed for this in July 2001. Coghlan died in a car crash shortly before the second trial and Archer's subsequent conviction.

<i>Cat ONine Tales</i> Short story collection by Jeffrey Archer

Cat O'Nine Tales is British author Jeffrey Archer's fifth collection of short stories. It was published in 2006, and nine of the twelve stories are based on tales Archer heard while in prison. The other three stories are also based on true events but are not derived from prison.

Steven Millhauser is an American novelist and short story writer. He won the 1997 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for his novel Martin Dressler.

<i>Twelve Red Herrings</i> Book by Jeffrey Archer

Twelve Red Herrings is a 1994 short story collection by British writer and politician Jeffrey Archer. Archer challenges his readers to find "twelve red herrings", one in each story. The book reached #3 in the Canadian best-sellers (fiction) list. J. K. Sweeney from Magill Book Reviews (01/01/1995) reviews the stories as "An attempt, it must be said, which is of such a nature that quite often the author succeeds in the effort."

Stonehenge Archer

The Stonehenge Archer is the name given to a Bronze Age man whose body was discovered in the outer ditch of Stonehenge. Unlike most burials in the Stonehenge Landscape, his body was not in a barrow, although it did appear to have been deliberately and carefully buried in the ditch.

Indian Camp Short story by Ernest Hemingway

"Indian Camp" is a short story written by Ernest Hemingway. The story was first published in 1924 in Ford Madox Ford's literary magazine Transatlantic Review in Paris and republished by Boni & Liveright in Hemingway's first American volume of short stories In Our Time in 1925. Hemingway's semi-autobiographical character Nick Adams—a child in this story—makes his first appearance in "Indian Camp", told from his point of view.

<i>The Nick Adams Stories</i>

The Nick Adams Stories is a volume of short stories written by Ernest Hemingway published in 1972, a decade after the author's death. In the volume, all the stories featuring Nick Adams, published in various collections during Hemingway's lifetime, are compiled in a single collection. The Nick Adams Stories includes 24 stories and sketches, eight of which were previously unpublished. Some of Hemingway's earliest work, such as "Indian Camp," as well as some of his best known stories, such as "Big Two-Hearted River," are represented.

<i>And Thereby Hangs a Tale</i> Short story collection by Jeffrey Archer

And Thereby Hangs a Tale (ISBN 9780230531451) is British author Jeffrey Archer's sixth collection of short stories. It was published in 2010, and ten of the fifteen stories are based on tales Archer gathered on travels over the previous six years or so. The other five stories are claimed to derive from his own imagination.

"Old Love" is a short story written by English author Jeffrey Archer. Published in 1980 in Archer's A Quiver Full of Arrows by Hodder & Stoughton, it is the tale of two undergraduates at Oxford in the 1930s and their bitter rivalry that ends in a tragic love story.