To Want to Fly

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Volere volare
Volere Volare.jpg
Theatrical release poster.
Directed by Guido Manuli
Maurizio Nichetti
Written by Guido Manuli
Maurizio Nichetti
Produced by Mario Cecchi Gori
Vittorio Cecchi Gori
Ernesto Di Sabro
Cinematography Mario Battistoni
Edited by Rita Rossi
Music by Manuel De Sica
Peter Westheimer
Pentafilm - Bambù
Distributed by Variety Distribution
Release date
1 March 1991
Running time
94 min.

Volere volare (To Want to Fly) is a 1991 Italian comedy film co-written, co-directed by and starring Maurizio Nichetti. It is a live-action animated film. The male lead is a man who dubs sound effects for cartoons and who is slowly turning into a cartoon. Right before becoming a cartoon, he meets a woman with a very unusual job with whom he falls in love. His transformation complicates both his private and professional life.


Plot summary

Maurizio is a funny and clumsy Italian voice actor and sound effects artist for old American cartoons, while his brother and business partner does the same for pornographic films. Martina is a self-styled "social worker" who charges harmless men with unusual desires a fee to act out their fantasies, such as a taxi driver who enjoys terrifying passengers with stunt driving. The two meet, and fall in love. One day, however, Maurizio suffers an accident that slowly starts to turn him into a cartoon.


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