To the Shores of Hell

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To the Shores of Hell
Original film poster
Directed by Will Zens
Written byRobert McFadden
Will Zens
Produced by Will Zens
Robert Patrick
Starring Marshall Thompson
Richard Arlen
Robert Dornan
CinematographyLeif Rise
Music byWilliam A. Schaefer
Distributed by Crown International Pictures
Release date
  • March 16, 1966 (1966-03-16)
Running time
82 minutes
CountryUnited States
Languages English

To the Shores of Hell is a 1966 Vietnam war film shot in Technicolor and Techniscope that was directed by Will Zens and starring Marshall Thompson, Richard Arlen, Dick O'Neill and Robert Dornan that was distributed by Crown International Pictures. Dornan may possibly have co-written the film as his mother's maiden name was "McFadden". [1]



After observing war game manoeuvers as a referee, U.S. Marine Major Greg Donahue is posted to Da Nang, South Vietnam for his second tour of duty. He hears that his physician brother Gary has been seen alive in the area after being captured by the Viet Cong. Donahue is accompanied by a Marine Sergeant, an American Priest who was formerly an Army chaplain in the Korean War and a Vietnamese guide to free his brother.



Master Sergeant William V. Bierd was a Marine veteran of World War II, China, Korea, and Vietnam. Besides playing Sgt Gabreski, Bierd was an uncredited technical advisor on the film as well as a technical advisor on Marine Corps uniforms to Gomer Pyle USMC . [2]

The US Marine Corps allowed Zens to film amphibious landing exercises at Camp Pendleton that appeared at the start of the film. [3] A Marine Corps HUS-1 helicopter was provided for the climax.

Toward the end of the movie, a radio operator said, "Loud and Clear, Miss Muffet, hold one", played by Gregory S. Morrison, a Marine Corps Private Second Class, from Camp Pendleton. When the movie played at the Northgate movie theater, adjacent to Texas A&M University, the marquee read "To the Shores of Hell - STARRING Gregory S. Morrison".

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