Toad Rage

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Toad Rage
Toad Rage cover.png
First edition cover.
Author Morris Gleitzman
Publisher Puffin Books
Publication date
Pages152 pp (first edition)
ISBN 0-141-30655-6
Followed by Toad Heaven  

Toad Rage is a children's novel by Australian author Morris Gleitzman. It was first published in Australia in 1999 by Puffin Books. [1]


Plot summary

Limpy, a young cane toad who narrowly escapes from becoming roadkill, enters the gates of the Olympic Games and finds a sweet girl who once again saves him from being squashed. Limpy tries and fails to have cane toads become the Sydney Olympic mascots. Limpy finally finds a way to protect his family from the terror of the highway. Soon, Limpy's plan succeeds, and cane toads everywhere (or almost everywhere) are safe again.


This book was followed by four other books: Toad Away , Toad Heaven , Toad Surprise , and Toad Delight .


Reviews for Toad Rage were positive, with Publishers Weekly describing the book as "saucy fun from start to finish". [2] The School Library Journal review notes the adventurous story and the colourful use of Australian slang (with a glossary in the back) as being key to a "hugely funny read". [3] A review of the audiobook by SLJ recommends it for boys and reluctant readers due to the "gross-out" humour. [4] The Washington Post review gives some context of how cane toads in Australia are viewed and notes some practices might make readers squeamish but otherwise recommends the book. [5] A reviewer for Kirkus Reviews described Toad Rage as "both solid entertainment and a barbed commentary on the importance of looks". [6] A reviewer for Booklist recommends it for grades 3-6 and says it will give readers "plenty of laughs". [7]

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