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Toast of Tampa Show Chorus is an a cappella, female-only chorus, composed of 100 women singers of all ages. The non-profit group, a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, competes and performs around the world, and is considered locally to be among the best barbershop music choruses in the world. [1]



Toast of Tampa was founded in 1987 as a vehicle for women to sing in four part harmony and express their love of music. [2]

Chorus overview

The chorus is composed of women from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds, from working women, stay-at-home mothers, students, and retirees. Some are professional musicians, though most are passionate amateurs. Musical training is not a pre-requisite, auditions are required to join. [3]

The chorus sings and dances together, and some members also perform in quartets, including Viva! (Sweet Adelines International 2019 2nd place medalist). On Valentine's Day, many quartets deliver singing telegrams. [4]

Tony De Rosa, is the chorus's Master 700 Director. He is a four-time Barbershop Harmony Society International Gold Medalist who sang with 1992 champion Keepsake, 2000 champion Platinum, 2007 champion Max Q, and (currently) 2017 champion Main Street [5] He also directs the Barbershop Harmony Society's Tampa Bay Heralds of Harmony. In 2013 was named a level Master 700 Director in the Director Certification Program (DCP) of Sweet Adelines. [6]

Rehearsals are held in Tampa, and chorus members come from all over the state of Florida. [7]

In October, 2014, several chorus members joined fellow singers from the Big Orange Chorus, and Tampa Bay Heralds of Harmony, on a trip to Great Britain where they performed at Bath Abbey, King's College Cambridge University, and numerous other churches. [8]

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Main Street is a barbershop quartet that started singing as a group on March 20, 2011.

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