Toba Dreams

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Toba Dreams
Toba Dreams poster.jpg
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Directed by Benni Setiawan
Written by TB Silalahi
Produced by Rizaludin Kurniawan
Starring Ajil Ditto
Mathias Muchus
Marsha Timothy
Vino G. Bastian
Boris Bokir
Vinessa Inez
TB Silalahi Center
Distributed by Semesta Cinema
Release date
  • 30 April 2015 (2015-04-30)
Language Bahasa Indonesia

Toba Dreams is an Indonesian film adapted from the novel of the same title essay T.B. Silalahi. [1]



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Lundu Panjaitan, S.H., M.A. was a Batak politician and bureaucrat. He began his career in bureaucracy as the assistant for administrative affairs in the office of the Governor of North Sumatra, and became the Regent of Central Tapanuli in 1980. Since then, he was appointed to several high positions in North Sumatra, such as the Head of the Tourism Bureau of North Sumatra, Regent of North Tapanuli, Chairman of the Provincial Investment Coordinating Board of North Sumatra, and the Deputy Governor of North Sumatra.


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