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Tobias Enhus
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Tobias Enhus is a Swedish music composer living in the US. His work has appeared in films, such as Black Hawk Down . He has also created music for television commercials, including the haunting score (featuring female operatic singing) heard in a 2006 commercial for Mercedes-Benz S-Class vehicles (shown during PBS sponsor-appreciation segments). More recently, Enhus composed the majority of the track to The Matrix: Path of Neo , [1] collaborating with other artists, such as Juno Reactor, Mark Killian, Todd Haberman and Rob Bennett, as well as composing the score for the Spider-Man 3 video game based on the 2007 film of the same name. Enhus has also composed for Machine Head.[ citation needed ] He also provided a track for Mondo Sex Head, a 2012 remix album by Rob Zombie.

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