Tobias Hellman

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Tobias Hellman
CountryFlag of Sweden.svg  Sweden
Born (1973-01-16) 16 January 1973 (age 47)
Lidingö, Sweden

Tobias Hellman (born 16 January 1973 in Lidingö) is a Swedish former alpine skier. He competed in the 1994 Winter Olympics. [1]

During the 1992 World Junior Alpine Skiing Championships in Maribor, Slovenia he won the men's slalom, Super-G and Alpine combined skiing events, ended up second in giant slalom and third in the downhill skiing event. [2]

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Combined is an event in alpine ski racing. A traditional combined competition consists of one run of downhill and two runs of slalom, each discipline run on separate days. The winner is the skier with the fastest aggregate time. A modified version, the super combined, is a speed race and only one run of slalom, with both portions scheduled on the same day.

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Henrik Kristoffersen is a Norwegian World Cup alpine ski racer, World Champion, and Olympic medalist. He specializes in the technical events of slalom and giant slalom.


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