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Toby Buonagurio is a US artist known for her "flamboyant" [1] [2] ceramics. She has won the Bronx Recognizes Its Own Award (BRIO) and the SUNY award.


Professional work

Buonagurio has had her work in many exhibitions [1] and has a permanent installation in the 42nd Street Times Square subway station. Titled "Times Square Times: 35 Times" it is made up of 35 separate pieces embedded in a glass brick wall. Buonagurio teaches art at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. [2]

Personal life

Buonagurio comes from a working-class background [2] in New York City's borough of the Bronx. She continues to live there and is reported to take pride in her connection to the neighborhood. [3] She is married to the painter Edgar Buonagurio.


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