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Toca Boca
Company type Subsidiary
FoundedJuly 18, 2010;13 years ago (2010-07-18)
  • Björn Jeffery [1]
  • Emil Ovemar [2]
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Key people
  • Fredrik Löving
  • (CEO)
  • Emil Ovemar
  • (Head of Toca Boca Studio)
Products Games
digital toys
Number of employees
Parent Spin Master

Toca Boca is a Swedish children's mobile video game developer. [3] [4] The company is owned by Spin Master and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. [5]


Toca Boca was founded in September 2010 by Emil Ovemar and Björn Jeffery, both of whom worked for the Bonnier Group. [6] They released their first application, “Helicopter Taxi” in March 2011. [7] [8] Toca Boca's apps has been downloaded more than 400 million times by users in over 238 markets ever since the first launch. [3]

In 2016, Bonnier sold Toca Boca to the Canadian toy and entertainment company Spin Master for SEK 263 million. [9] [10] In 2020, Fredrik Löving took over as Toca Boca's new CEO. [11] Toca Boca saw significant growth in 2021, and Spin Master stated in its annual report that Digital Games, of which Toca Boca is a significant part, had a revenue of over US$ 174.8 million.[ citation needed ] Their monthly active users increased by 64% to over 70 million globally during the same period. [12]


Toca Boca means "Touch the mouth" in Spanish and comes from the logo design of a face with its mouth open. [13]

Toca Life series

Toca Life is a series of games that encourage the player to imagine stories for characters in the game. The player can drag the character around the screen with his finger and make him or her eat, sit, etc. In the series, there are different locations the character could go to based on the game's theme. (Town, Farm, Office, etc.) There are groups such as Kids, Elders, Babies, and Creatures. The player can add more than one character to a scene. Dressing up the characters was introduced in Toca Life: City.[ citation needed ]

Toca Life: World

Toca Life World was released in November 21, 2018. Unlike the rest of the games in the series, the app is free to download. Players are invited to play the free version (which comes with Bop City, a free house, as well as the free version of a character creator), or to customize the app with whatever options they find the most interesting. A player can buy more characters and places.

A web series based on the game, under the title Toca Life Stories, was released on February 21, 2020 on Toca Boca's official YouTube channel. It focused on four close friends with mismatched personalities, Rita, Zeke, Nari, and Leon (the main characters in the Toca Life app series), on a quest to vanquish boredom in their neighborhood of OK Street (based on one of the towns found in Toca Life: World). [14] The series is animated by Canada-based Pipeline Studios, with voices recorded in America-based Studiopolis, despite it being a web series, it aired on some television stations such as Pop in the United Kingdom, and Cartoon Network in the United States.[ citation needed ]


Toca Boca's graphics typically feature vibrant and lively colors, creating a visually engaging and playful environment for children. The graphics often have a hand-drawn or illustrative quality, giving them a warm and friendly feel. This style contributes to the overall inviting atmosphere of the games. [15]

Digital toys

Toca Pet Doctor on iPad Toca Boca Toca Pet Doctor (15059627797).jpg
Toca Pet Doctor on iPad

The term digital toy is sometimes used to differentiate certain apps from more typical virtual games. [16] While most aspects between the two are the same, Toca Boca distinguishes digital toys as more "open-ended" with fewer rules. However, neither are thought nor proven to have a more or less harmful or beneficial impact on players. While these "digital toys" are aimed towards children, it does not mean they are just for children.

Awards and honors

Toca Boca has won the following awards:












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