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Tod Carter
BornNovember 18
Occupation(s)Animation director, writer, storyboard artist

Tod Carter (born November 18 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American animation director, writer and storyboard artist who contributed to feature films and many direct-to-video productions.

Carter's contributions can be seen in Space Jam and Disney sequels for Hunchback of Notre Dame , Little Mermaid , Tarzan , and The Fox and the Hound . He has also contributed as the head of writing and story development for many films and projects for Big Idea Productions, producers of the highly successful VeggieTales , 3-2-1 Penguins and Larryboy series. He currently directs animated projects for Brain Freeze Entertainment, [1] a company which he founded in 2008.

Carter's animation work also includes Quest for Camelot , which was nominated for an Annie Award for "Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Theatrical Feature." [2] [3]

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