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Todd Glickman (born June 13, 1956) is a meteorologist whose weather reports can be heard on WCBS Newsradio 880 in New York City and internationally at He has been a fill-in meteorologist there since May 1979.

WCBS (AM) News radio station in New York

WCBS is a radio station licensed to New York City and is owned and operated by Entercom. WCBS's studios are located in the combined Entercom facility in the Hudson Square neighborhood of Manhattan and its transmitter is located on High Island in the Bronx. Its 50,000 watt clear channel signal can be heard at night throughout much of eastern North America.


Early years

Glickman grew up in Howard Beach, Queens and then Roslyn Heights, Long Island, NY. He attended Sands Point Academy through sixth grade, then public school in the East Williston School District, graduating from The Wheatley School in 1973. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA), and received the S.B. degree with a major in Earth and Planetary Sciences in 1977. He studied under Professor Frederick Sanders and researcher Norman Macdonald, with whom he authored a paper on atmospheric convection. [1] Mid-career, he attended Suffolk University (Boston, MA) and received the MBA from its Executive Program in 1988.

Howard Beach, Queens Neighborhood in Queens in New York City

Howard Beach is a neighborhood in the southwestern portion of the New York City borough of Queens. It is bordered to the north by the Belt Parkway and South Conduit Avenue in Ozone Park, to the south by Jamaica Bay in Broad Channel, to the east by 102nd–104th Streets in South Ozone Park, and to the west by 75th Street in East New York, Brooklyn. The area consists mostly of low-rise single-family houses.

Roslyn Heights, New York Hamlet and census-designated place in New York, United States

Roslyn Heights is both a hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) in Nassau County, New York, United States. It is considered part of the Greater Roslyn area, which is anchored by the Village of Roslyn. The population was 6,577 at the 2010 census.

Sands Point Country Day School was an elementary and high school (K-12) located in Sands Point, New York, from 1954 to 1974. The school was started by Marie L. Fetsch as a summer school and went to full-year operation in 1961.


While an undergraduate at MIT, Glickman interned at Boston's WBZ-TV from 1975–1977, under meteorologists Norm Macdonald, Bruce Schwoegler, and Don Kent. Since he had radio weather experience from MIT's student radio station WTBS (now WMBR), when Norm Macdonald left WBZ and started the radio division of Weather Services Corporation in Bedford, MA, he asked Glickman to work part-time. After graduation, Glickman spent a year as Safety Director at Pierce Coach Line of Roslyn, NY, a school bus company co-owned with Pierce Country Day Camp. In 1978, Glickman accepted a part-time position with Weather Services Corporation (WSC) of Bedford, MA, and worked various shifts serving radio stations nationwide. Continuing at WSC part-time through 1993, he was heard on dozens of radio stations, including WCBS (New York City), WEEI (Boston), WRKO (Boston), WTOP (Washington, DC), KPRC (Houston), WDGY (Minneapolis), KFWB (Los Angeles), and KCMO (Kansas City). In 1979, Glickman joined Weather Services International Corporation of Bedford, MA, a start-up company in the value-added, real-time weather information business. He held a number of positions there, including Media Marketing Manager, Manager of New Product Development, and Manager of the Government Program Office. In 1993, he joined the American Meteorological Society (Boston, MA) as Assistant Executive Director. In 2000, Glickman joined the staff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Office of Corporate Relations Industrial Liaison Program. He was initially hired as an Industrial Liaison Officer, and was promoted to Senior Industrial Liaison Officer in 2003 and Associate Director of Corporate Relations in 2006. In 2012, he was promoted to Senior Associate Director of Corporate Relations, and in 2017 to Senior Director.

WBZ-TV CBS-owned television station in Boston, Massachusetts

WBZ-TV, virtual channel 4, is a CBS-owned-and-operated television station licensed to Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The station is owned by the CBS Television Stations subsidiary of CBS Corporation, as part of a duopoly with MyNetworkTV affiliate WSBK-TV. The two stations share studios on Soldiers Field Road in the Allston–Brighton section of Boston; WBZ-TV's transmitter is located on Cedar Street in Needham, Massachusetts, on a tower site that was formerly owned by CBS and is now owned by American Tower Corporation.

Donald Edward Kent was an American radio and television weather forecaster for several decades in the Boston, Massachusetts area. He was known as "Boston's first TV Weatherman."

American Meteorological Society

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) is the premier scientific and professional organization in the United States promoting and disseminating information about the atmospheric, oceanic, and hydrologic sciences. Its mission is to advance the atmospheric and related sciences, technologies, applications, and services for the benefit of society.

He has held a number of consulting assignments, including voice-over artist for Boston-area video production houses, per diem reporter for CBS Radio news, and aviation weather instructor for the US Airways Shuttle.

CBS Radio was a radio broadcasting company and radio network operator owned by CBS Corporation, and consolidated radio station groups owned by CBS and Westinghouse Broadcasting/Group W since the 1920s and Infinity Broadcasting since the 1970s. The broadcasting company was sold to Entercom on November 17, 2017.

US Airways Shuttle

US Airways Shuttle was the brand name for US Airways' hourly air shuttle service operating in the Northeastern United States. It served Logan International Airport in Boston, LaGuardia Airport in New York City, and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington, D.C.

Awards and certifications

Glickman has been honored with several awards over the course of his career. He was elected a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) in 1995, and received the Society's "Special Award" for his work as Managing Editor of the Glossary of Meteorology, second edition, in 2000. [2] He was awarded the AMS's Seal of Approval for Radio Weathercasting in 1979, and its new Certified Broadcast Meteorologist designation in 2005. He has served on and chaired a number of AMS Committees, including the Board of Broadcast Meteorology, Board of Aviation Meteorology, Board of Continuing Education, and Board of Private Sector Meteorology. He serves as the Chair of the AMS Board of Broadcast Meteorology Certification Appeals Committee, and on the Society's Commission on Weather and Climate Enterprise Steering Committee.

Other interests

Glickman engages in a number of community volunteer activities. Since 1979, he has been an on-air host of the WGBH-TV "Channel 2 Auction", the Boston-area Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) public television station annual pledge drive. Since 1988, he has been an officer and docent at the Seashore Trolley Museum of Kennebunkport, ME, most recently serving as an Instructor for the Museum's operating fleet of streetcars, rapid transit vehicles, and historic buses. He has also served as an officer and trustee of the Technology Broadcasting Corporation (and its predecessor the WTBS Foundation, Inc.), the licensee of MIT's radio station WMBR since 1981.

WGBH-TV PBS member station in Boston

WGBH-TV, virtual channel 2, is a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) member television station licensed to Boston, Massachusetts, United States. It is the flagship property of the WGBH Educational Foundation, which also owns fellow PBS members WGBX-TV in Boston and WGBY-TV in Springfield, Massachusetts, and public radio stations WGBH and WCRB in the Boston area, and WCAI on Cape Cod. WGBH-TV is also one of the two flagship stations of PBS, along with WNET in New York City. WGBH-TV, WGBX-TV and the WGBH and WCRB radio stations share studios on Guest Street in northwest Boston's Brighton neighborhood; WGBH-TV's transmitter is located on Cedar Street in Needham, Massachusetts, which is shared with sister station WGBX-TV as well as WBZ-TV, WCVB-TV, WBTS-LD and WSBK-TV.

A pledge drive is an extended period of fundraising activities, generally used by public broadcasting stations to increase contributions. The term "pledge" originates from the promise that a contributor makes to send in funding at regular intervals for a certain amount of time. During a pledge drive, regular and special programming is followed by on-air appeals for pledges by station employees, who ask the audience to make their contributions, usually by phone or the Internet, during this break

Seashore Trolley Museum

The Seashore Trolley Museum, located in Kennebunkport, Maine, United States, is the world's oldest and largest museum of mass transit vehicles. While the main focus of the collection is trolley cars (trams), it also includes rapid transit trains, Interurban cars, trolley buses, and motor buses. The Seashore Trolley Museum is owned and operated by the New England Electric Railway Historical Society (NEERHS). Of the museum's collection of more than 250 vehicles, ten trolley and railroad cars that historically operated in Maine were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980, as Maine Trolley Cars.

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