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Todd Reed (born April 16, 1973) [1] is an American fine jewelry designer best known for his use of rough diamonds. [2] Reed's designs are hand-fabricated in Boulder, Colorado using recycled metals. [3]



Before making jewelry, Reed experimented with clothing, furniture, sculpture, painting and leatherwork. [4] In 1992 Reed began working for leathersmith Eric Hodges, [5] fabricating the metal conchos for leather bags. Soon after, Reed was introduced to rough diamonds by collector Jack Greenspan. [6] [7] Reed started teaching himself how to create jewelry from metal using colored gemstones. [6] [8] Even though Reed found a passion for creating jewelry, he enrolled in Western Culinary Institute in Portland. [6] While attending school he sold his designs at local markets. [6]

Todd Reed (company)

After completing school, he moved back to Colorado and began selling jewelry to galleries. He established his company at the age of 17. [9] As his small business grew he began incorporating raw diamonds into his work. Reed was among the first to use raw diamonds in modern jewelry, creating a new category in fine jewelry. [10]

In 2010 Reed opened his first showroom in Boulder, Colorado. [3] His second showroom opened in Venice, CA in September 2014. [11] Reed's designs are also sold in more than 70 jewelry stores nationwide. [12]

Sustainable material

Reed uses raw stones, 18K and 22K yellow gold, sterling silver, rose gold and palladium. [13] [14] He uses naturally colored and untreated diamonds for his jewelry. [9] The material he uses is responsibly sourced. Moreover, he uses natural resources and ensures fair treatment for the involved workers. [15]

According to his responsibility mentality, he grows the brands philanthropic engagement and support of local businesses. He contributes to several philanthropic organizations and provides mentorship programs at local metalsmithing schools. [15] [16] [17]


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