Toddy Time

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Toddy Time
Presented byHal Todd
Country of originAustralia
Original languageEnglish
Running time30 minutes
Original release
Network GTV-9
Release1 May 1961 (1961-05-01)

Toddy Time is an Australian television series which aired in Melbourne during 1961, on station GTV-9. The first episode aired 1 May 1961. [1] It was a daytime series made up of various segments, including "camera test", which was a talent segment. The series aired at 11:30AM, and was typically the first show of the day (television in Australia and many other countries was not yet a 24-hour service). It was hosted by Hal Todd.

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Today is an Australian television series which aired from 23 July 1960 to 1961 on Melbourne station GTV-9. The series was originally hosted by Barry McQueen. By August 1960, McQueen had departed from both Today and GTV-9 owing to having disagreements about the show as well as "other matters, not connected with money". Most episodes were hosted by Hal Todd, for whom the role was his inaugural major television role. It was a morning series aired at 7:30AM, and running for 60 minutes. It included news, weather and exercise instruction. Following the end of the series, Hal Todd began hosting Toddy Time. Following the end of the series, GTV-9 stopped offering morning programming for several years. Previously, it had aired In Melbourne Today in a morning time-slot on Saturdays from 1957 to 1958.

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