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Together 2016 was an ecumenical Christian event held at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. [1] [2] on July 16, 2016. The event was scheduled to feature over 40 speakers, [1] including Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, who made a video address to the attendees of the event. [3] Other prominent speakers included the Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias and evangelist Samuel Rodriguez, as well as musicians Lecrae and Hillsong United. [3] The event is the largest Christian event in the history of the United States. [4] [5] The organizer of the event Nick Hall, stated that "We believe it’s time to lift up a message of hope. There’s all kinds of division, so we’re praying for healing and we’re praying for change".[ citation needed ]


Although the event was originally scheduled to conclude at 9 p.m., it ended at 4 p.m. due to excessive heat. Officers reportedly responded to 350 medical calls for heat-related injuries. The large number of people who lost consciousness because of heat syncope overwhelmed emergency medical technicians. [6]

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Ecumenism Cooperation between Christian denominations

Ecumenism, also spelled oecumenism, is the concept and principle in which Christians who belong to different Christian denominations work together to develop closer relationships among their churches and promote Christian unity. The adjective ecumenical is thus applied to any interdenominational initiative that encourages greater cooperation between Christians and their churches.

Interfaith dialogue Positive interaction of different religious people

Interfaith dialogue refers to cooperative, constructive, and positive interaction between people of different religious traditions and/or spiritual or humanistic beliefs, at both the individual and institutional levels. It is distinct from syncretism or alternative religion, in that dialogue often involves promoting understanding between different religions or beliefs to increase acceptance of others, rather than to synthesize new beliefs.

The anonymous text that is usually called the Prayer of Saint Francis is a widely known Christian prayer for peace. Often associated with the Italian Saint Francis of Assisi, but entirely absent from his writings, the prayer in its present form has not been traced back further than 1912. Its first known occurrence was in French, in a small spiritual magazine called La Clochette, published by a Catholic Church organization in Paris named La Ligue de la Sainte-Messe. The author's name was not given, although it may have been the founder of La Ligue, Father Esther Bouquerel. The prayer was heavily publicized during both World War I and World War II. It has been frequently set to music by notable songwriters and quoted by prominent leaders, and its broadly inclusive language has found appeal with diverse faiths encouraging service to others.

Lecrae American Christian hip hop artist, entrepreneur, record producer, and actor

Lecrae Devaughn Moore, mononymously known as Lecrae, is an American Christian hip hop recording artist, songwriter, music executive, actor, and entrepreneur. He is the president, co-owner and co-founder of the independent record label Reach Records, was the co-founder and president of the now-defunct non-profit organization ReachLife Ministries, is an investor and co-owner of the audio production software MXD, and is a co-founder of the film production studio 3 Strand Films. To date, he has released ten studio albums and three mixtapes as a solo artist, and has released three studio albums, a remix album, one EP, and numerous singles as the leader of the hip hop group 116 Clique. He produced much of his earlier material along with other early Reach Records releases. Lecrae, in reference to his label as a Christian rapper, has stated that his music is just hip hop, though it reflects his Christian faith. In May 2016, Lecrae signed to Columbia Records in a joint deal between his label and Columbia. He left Columbia in May 2020.

National Prayer Breakfast

The National Prayer Breakfast is a yearly event held in Washington, D.C., usually on the first Thursday in February. The founder of this event was Abraham Vereide. The event—which is actually a series of meetings, luncheons, and dinners—has taken place since 1953 and has been held at least since the 1980s at the Washington Hilton on Connecticut Avenue NW.

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Catholic Church and ecumenism

The Catholic Church has engaged in the modern ecumenical movement especially since the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) and the issuing of the decree Unitatis redintegratio and the declaration Dignitatis humanae. It was at the Council that the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity was created. Before that time, those outside of the Catholic Church were categorised as heretics or schismatics.

Passion Conferences

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A Day of Prayer is a day allocated to prayer, either by leaders of religions or the general public, for a specific purpose. Such days are usually ecumenical in nature. They usually are treated as commemorative in nature, rather than as actual liturgical feast days or memorials.

The Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom, or Prayer Pilgrimage to Washington, was a 1957 demonstration in Washington, D.C., an early event in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. It was the occasion for Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.'s Give Us the Ballot speech.

Christianity in the 21st century

Christianity in the 21st century is characterized by the pursuit of Church unity and the continued resistance to persecution and secularization.

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TheCall is an organization which sponsors prayer meetings led by Lou Engle along with other Christian leaders pastors in the United States. The meetings request prayer and fasting by Christians in protest against issues such as same-sex marriage and legal access to elective abortion. TheCall has drawn support from American Evangelical leaders, but has also been criticized for intolerance.

Restoring Honor rally

The Restoring Honor rally was held August 28, 2010 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. and was organized by Glenn Beck to "restore honor in America" and to raise funds for the non-profit Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Billed as a "celebration of America's heroes and heritage," several veterans were honored. Along with Beck, the speakers included former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and activist Alveda King, a niece of Martin Luther King Jr.

<i>Hillsong: Let Hope Rise</i> 2016 film directed by Michael John Warren

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise is a 2016 American Christian documentary film on Hillsong United directed by Michael John Warren. The film was released on 16 September 2016, by Pure Flix Entertainment after several delays.

J.John British evangelist and author (born 1958)

John Ioannou John, best known as J.John, is an international evangelist and author based in the United Kingdom.

Ill Find You Single by Lecrae featuring Tori Kelly

"I'll Find You" is a song by American Christian hip hop recording artist Lecrae, featuring American singer and songwriter Tori Kelly. It was written by Lecrae, Kelly, Natalie Sims, Sasha Sloan, John Mitchell, DJ Frank E and Danny Majic, with production handled by the latter two. The song was released through Reach Records on June 9, 2017, as the third single from Lecrae's eighth studio album All Things Work Together. The song is composed in the key of G-sharp major and has a tempo of 135 beats per minute. The song was certified Platinum by the RIAA on February 26, 2020, after selling 1,000,000 units.

Ecumenism and interreligious dialogue of Pope Francis

Pope Francis has had main contacts with those of other Christian faiths, with those of other religious beliefs, and with non-believers. is a religious social networking service and mobile app that serves as a social media platform for religious communities. The Pray platform includes social media, daily prayers, sermons, biblical content, and podcasts. was founded in 2016 by Steve Gatena, Michael Lynn, Ryan Beck and Matthew Potter.


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