Toka (company)

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Industry Video game development
  • Carlo Perconti
  • Lyes Belaidouni

Toka is a French video game company founded by Carlo Perconti and Lyes Belaidouni, founders of Arcade Zone and later HyperDevbox Japan. Toka is the second company started by the duo. The company was among the first to use Motion Capture technology.



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Legend is a side-scrolling hack and slash beat 'em up video game developed by Arcade Zone and originally published in North America by Seika Corporation in April 1994 and later in Europe by Sony Electronic Publishing on December 21 of the same year for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the first game to be solely developed by the duo of Carlo Perconti and Lyes Belaidouni at Arcade Zone, who both would later go on to found Toka and HyperDevbox Japan respectively.

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HyperDevbox Japan is a French Japanese video game company created by Carlo Perconti, one of the founders of Toka and Arcade Zone. HyperDevbox Japan is developing original games, mostly for Android, and also porting external titles from one platform to another. The Company is now based exclusively in Tokyo, Japan. HyperDevbox Japan is known for its breaking technology developed for the Android platform with games like ExZeus arcade and the upcoming "Spectral Souls - Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires" the first Tactical RPG to be announced for Android devices.

<i>Sky Surfer</i> 2000 video game

Ultimate Sky Surfer, known as simply Sky Surfer, is a video game developed by Toka and published by Idea Factory and Midas Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 2 in 2000-2001.


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