Tokiwa Kitareri

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Tokiwa Kitareri!!
Genre Action, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Written by Syun Matsuena
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Sunday
Original runDecember 2014June 2017
Volumes 13
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Tokiwa Kitareri!!(Japanese:トキワ来たれり!!, Hepburn:Tokiwa Kitareri!!) is a Japanese manga by Syun Matsuena serialized in the weekly manga magazine Shōnen Sunday from December 2014 to June 2017. Following the conclusion of Matsuena's previous work, Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple , three one-shot chapters were released, introducing the main characters before the serialization properly began.

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Tokiwa Yasaka is an intelligent, but otherwise normal high school boy who becomes friends with a highly advanced android called "Deus Ex Machina III", or "Machina" as he is usually is called for, capable of feats that seem impossible for the modern technology. The duo later crosses paths with two other unusual individuals, a young ninja training to be a spirit hunter called Kanata Kusanagi, and Haruka Yata, a rich boy who recently discovers that he has latent magic powers. These unusual characters are brought together by visions of Rein, a mysterious girl who appears in their dreams, warning them that they are the "Heroes of the Revelation" who must join forces to save the world.

Main characters

Tokiwa Yasaka(八坂 トキワ,Yasaka Tokiwa)
The main protagonist, Tokiwa is a high schooler with no special powers at all but becomes leader of the "Tokiwa Brigade" thanks to his quick wits, which he usually uses to help the others to defeat their enemies and his conciliating behavior, which help the group get together despite their usual conflicts. His hobby is writing net novels, which is how he became friends with Machina, who is so far the only fan of his works.
Deus Ex Machina III(デウス・エクス・マーキナー三世,Deusu Ekusu Mākinā Sādo)
Usually called by Machina, DEM III is a highly advanced humanoid with the appearance of a teenager with a superior intelect and a vast array of weaponry at his disposal. He was created by another android who was his predecessor, Deus Ex Machina II, whose whereabouts are a mystery. Machina became friends with Tokiwa upon reading his novels and is prone to attack anyone who seems to be a threat to him.
Kanata Kusanagi(草薙 カナタ,Kusanagi Kanata)
A young ninja in training whose speciality is to hunt down evil spirits. Contrary to regular ninja, he is not stealthy at all, much to the chagrin of his childhood friend Meguru.
Meguru Yaegaki(八重垣 めぐる,Yaegaki Meguru)
Meguru is the student council president and Kanata's childhood friend who is usually angry at his antics, despite always caring about him. As the only "normal" girl in the group, she is responsible with taking care of Aria and Rein and helps them adapt themselves to human society with mixed results.
Haruka Yata(弥多 ハルカ,Yata Haruka)
A young boy whose father was a famous magician known as the "Sage of the East", and since he met Aria, and learned that he is also a magician as well, fights to protect her from those to intend to kidnap her in search of her power.
A young girl usually referred to as the "Maiden of Anima Mundi". Due to the massive dormant magical power inside her body, she is targeted by several magicians for an unknown purpose. Since she met Haruka, she is under his protection and having no memories of her past, including her own name, the others decided to name her "Aria" by Machina's suggestion.
A mysterious entity who lives in the cyberspace and the one who gathered Tokiwa and the others by sending messages to them in their dreams. She later gains a physical body using a special 3D printer with Tokiwa and Machina's help, but the downloading process is corrupted due to some external interference and she loses part of her memories, including the purpose of her mission. Rein used to interact to Tokiwa when he was a child but disappeared mysteriously until she returns to call for his and the others' help.

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