Tokyo I'm on My Way

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"Tokyo I'm on My Way"
Single by Puffy AmiYumi
from the album Splurge
ReleasedMay 24, 2006
Genre J-pop / J-Rock / Ska
Label Ki/oon Records
Songwriter(s) Johannes Van den Burg
Producer(s) Butch Walker [ citation needed ]
Puffy AmiYumi singles chronology
"Mogura Like"
"Tokyo I'm on My Way"
"Hazumu Rizumu"

"Tokyo I'm on My Way" is the second single by J-pop duo Puffy AmiYumi from their Splurge album, that has been released on May 24, 2006. It was co-written by the Offspring's Dexter Holland. Both lyrics and melody of the chorus were taken from the song "Tokyo" by Dutch band Gruppo Sportivo.

Track listing [1]

  1. Tokyo I'm on My Way
    Puffy AmiYumi: Vocals
    Takahiro Konagawa (from Charcoal Filter): Guitar
    Seiji Kameda: Bass
    Masayuki Muraishi: Drums
  2. 世界のはじっこ (Sekai no hajikko)
  3. Friends Forever ~FICKLR Remix~

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