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Tokyo Weekender magazine is the oldest English publication in Japan.


Founded in 1970 by Corky Alexander and Susan Scully, Tokyo Weekender was first published bi-monthly. Now Tokyo Weekender is published monthly and is distributed in embassies, luxury hotels, shops, stations and airports.

Early years

Tokyo Weekender was co-founded by Korean War veteran Millard "Corky" Alexander and Susan Scully, previously co-workers at Pacific Stars and Stripes . It was the first free regular English publication in Japan. As well as being free at various locations, it used to come inside the Friday edition of the English Daily Yomiuri , a real distribution coup. After Corky died, the publication was taken over by his daughter and son-in-law before being relaunched by Caroline Pover. In 2008 Tokyo Weekender was purchased by Bulbouscell Media Group. In 2015, Bulbouscell Media Group was bought by the PR Agency Sunny Side Up Inc., and later merged with ENGAWA K.K., an SSU group company which was established in late 2015. In April 2016, Tokyo Weekender welcomed their new editor in chief Annemarie Luck.


As well as regular contributors Weekender is a lifestyle magazine featuring upcoming events, opinion, Japanese news, interviews, society, travel, product reviews, restaurant and bar reviews, community news and announcements and a section featuring reprints of vintage articles.

After Tokyo Weekender welcomed Annemarie Luck as the editor in chief, the magazine was divided into three parts: "radar", "in-depth" and "guide."



Tokyo Weekender is distributed to various embassies, hotels, restaurants, shops and stations around central Tokyo and is also delivered to subscribers via Tokyo Weekender Online or Fujisan, Japan's largest magazine subscription site.


Online version

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Archives of original issues

  1. "TW Social: What We Got Up to in April, May and June 2021". Tokyo Weekender. 2021-07-16. Retrieved 2021-08-18.

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