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Tol is a Dutch surname. Its origin may be patronymic or occupational (from "tollenaar", a tax or toll collector). It is very common in the town of Volendam in North Holland [1] People with this name include:

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Edam-Volendam Municipality in North Holland, Netherlands

Edam-Volendam is a municipality in the northwest Netherlands, in the province of North Holland, consisting of the towns of Edam and Volendam.

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Tol or TOL may refer to:

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Kees Kist Dutch footballer and manager

Cornelis Kist is a Dutch former professional footballer and manager. He played as a striker, and most notably won the European Golden Shoe for the 1978–79 season.

Janssen is a Dutch patronymic surname cognate to the English surname Johnson. It is the 7th most common name in the Netherlands and the most common, when combined with the spelling variant Jansen.

Sigi Lens is a retired Dutch footballer and currently is a sports agent. During his career he served AZ and Fortuna Sittard. He was one of the footballers that survived the Surinam Airways Flight PY764 air crash in Paramaribo on 7 June 1989. His nephew Jeremain Lens is also a professional footballer.

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Pier Tol Dutch footballer

Kees "Pier" Tol is a Dutch retired international footballer who made over 300 professional appearances in the Dutch league, scoring over 100 goals.

Kees Tol is the name of:

Kees Tol (footballer) Dutch footballer

Kees Pier Tol is a Dutch professional footballer who plays for Spakenburg, as a striker.

Dick Tol Dutch footballer

Theodorus Maria "Dick" Tol was a Dutch footballer who spent his entire career with Volendam. Nicknamed "De Knoest", Tol played as a striker and was the top goalscorer in the Eredivisie in the 1961–62 season, scoring 27 goals. He is also the all-time top goalscorer of Volendam.

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Kerkhof is a Dutch toponymic surname meaning "church garden”, Pronounced Kerik-hof. Largely a historically Catholic name in the Netherlands. Alternative spellings include: Kerekhoff, Kerkhoff, Van Kerkhof.

Van Tol is a Dutch toponymic surname meaning "from Tol". Many people with this name are descendants of Floris van Tol, adviser to Floris V, Count of Holland, who was named after the hamlet Tol near Voorburg. People with the surname include:

Drenth is a Dutch toponymic surname indicating an origin in the province of Drenthe. Variant forms are Drent, Drenthe, Drenthen and Van Drenth. People with this surname include:


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